Constellations of gleefully unselfaware narcissi orbiting needy stars of ceaseless validation.
Men are way more Popular than Women
Abel Cohen

Shall I hang out the bunting? (I sewed it myselfl)

Abel, Don’t Knock Validation

Now That I’m a Top Writer in Art I Keep Worrying that Medium is Going to Find out that I’m a Pretentious Fraud and unceremoniously strip me of my title.

Maybe I got it because I mentioned a visit to Louisiana, a Copenhagen Museum of Modern Art
I check my profile several times a day to make sure it’s still there, that little line, “Top Writer in Art”

No-one is more astonished than I am. I love art. I love Florence. Rijsmuseet and The Prado are on my must-see list.

I’ve been validated.

I’ve known for years that I’m a narcissist:

When people ask me what I write about, I say dating and politics.

Did I mention that I was a top writer in Art?

I ran off a couple of memoir pieces plus a short orbituary of my art teacher.

I visit art galleries, sometimes just to meet cultured or pseudo-cultured men.

The library is a good place to meet guys too. At least you’re likely to meet someone who’s cracked open a book 📚 or two in his lifetime.

I’ve heard that the Black Diamond library in Copenhagen is the place to go. I haven’t been there yet; there are plenty of people here in Frederiksberg to talk to. The Cubans go there, I’ve heard.

Congratulations on being a top writer in politics.

If anybody reading this thinks this is a narcisisstic self-congratulatory exercise in tautology, remember you get what you pay for.

Another story from Augusta:

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