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Challenge accepted — This Happened to Me At Least Twice

Once it happened with a handsome man that I enjoyed hanging out with because he was my token hetro male friend. “Hey, I hang out with a guy often and we’re just friends”

He told me about six months ago that he’d had feelings for me. We’ve been friends on and off for 25 years. I was quite amazed.

We were at a New Year’s Eve party, this past New Year’s Eve. He kissed me on the lips a couple of times in the course of the evening, kinda friendly-like New-Year’s-Eve kisses, I thought. He held me outside in the cold and told me how he didn’t want to ruin our friendship and we weren’t cut out for each other anyway. I think he was trying to convince himself and not me. He called me a week later to apologize for kissing me. I am cold in the sense that I won’t get involved with him in that way. I do not feel that connection with him and never have. I can appreciate his blonde beauty and his sea-blue eyes, though, on an aesthetic level.

Another man, M, told me about two years ago that he’d been in love with me many years ago. I liked him very much and remember feeling disappointed when I heard he was dating someone. So I put him out of my mind.

When I was attending a class reunion, a classmate whom I barely knew said, “Why don’t you go over and say hi to J, he’d be very happy to see you.”

J and I were next to each other in the alphabet so we were chemistry partners, elec lab partners, mech workshop partners. I remember him as being unusually kind but I never imagined, you know, until I thought about the reunion and my classmate’s words afterwards.

Okay, so three, not two. Another thing: I am always terrified to tell a man I’m in love with him. That he’ll think I’m attempting to score above my league. He will surely think I’m a fool.

Yet if a man tells me that he’s in love with me (That makes it sound like it happens all the time; it dosen’t) I feel awed and deeply respectful of his courage, whether or not I am interested.

I also admire his good taste.

Women think that men like them LESS than they actually do and men think that women like them MORE than they do.

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