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I, too, am a Special, Special Snowflake

I, too, know plenty of go-to places for contention.

For example, when I ask my teenage sons to hang up their coats or put away their shoes or put their lunchbox in the sink.

If strangers contend with me, I block them immediately. Sometimes, if I have the energy, I check their profile to see if they set up the profile just to comment. Checking the profile follows and followers can also give an indication of what type of person you are dealing with.

If it’s someone I’ve known for a while on Medium, they get one chance; I can make mistakes too.

They attack me again, they’re out.

It happened. A writer attacked my way of life and seemed to think I was going to accept being her whipping post. When I attempted to de-escalate the conflict she seemed to view that as license to continue her fuck-fuck-fuck tirade. She has since deleted any evidence of her meltdown. I was not streetwise enough at the time to screen grab the attack.

Thanks for writing this, Jewels.

Why I use Medium

I am on Medium to learn, mainly.

I filled out a survey from elizabeth tobey yesterday about what would be the thing I would most like to happen when I log onto Medium.

Scroll down about 25% and click on Complete the survey.