Why do you write?
Tre L. Loadholt

Why Do I Write?

I want my experience to be known, to be part of the “culture”.

To pentetrate the world, as Paul Auster writes, and find my place in it.

I want to make something happen that I have feared so pervasively for so long: I want you to know me.

You have shown me your raw meat and made it okay for me to share mine.

If you read my stories you will know everything about me.

I write to utilize an opportunity I never had before, to answer back.

Check out this blew-me-away article I read yesterday by Kaj Schougaard

Now I am finding a new reason to write, though it’s after-the-fact. Once in a while I will write something that provokes a response that reaches into my soul and connects me to another human being.

I write for fun. I write to learn truths about myself, my life; its purpose.

“I don’t know”, can also be a good answer.