Questions to ask your partner or date to make them fall deeper in love with you
Tiffany Sun

Not Cool, Tiffany

I find your apparent copyright infringement of the article written by Mandy Len Catron in Modern Love, published in the New York Times on Jan 9 2015 relating to Arthur Aron’s earlier research and to which I referred in one of my articles, most disturbing.

I read that beautiful, original article in the NYT just a few days after it was first published. It made a big impact in my life.

Mandy, the author, did a lot of work to unearth those very significant questions from the earlier experiment. Mandy fully credited Arthur Aron, as is normal practice. It was crystal clear who wrote what. Aron did a lot of work to find the right questions. I read and reread that article countless times in the months that followed. The questions were well-thought-out and clearly a lot of work went into formulating them. So it was with increasing horror that I read “your” article.

These words weren't yours.

This mocks those of us who struggle for original expression and makes me fear for how, when, or if, my ideas and feelings, born of my heart’s blood, are being passed off as another’s and sold for mammon in an unobserved corner of the Internet.

The people whose medium names I have listed below may be interested in looking more closely at your articles now that this one has aroused suspicion and, for my part, also outrage.

Medium Legal

elizabeth tobey

Ev Williams

Thin Man

Joel Mwakasege, I strongly suggest you disassociate yourself and your publication, Be Yourself, from this article.

In the meantime, I will remove my articles from Be Yourself as I do not wish to be associated with these practices.

Ironic, isn’t it, that Tiffany would choose to publish this in Be Yourself?