I’ve rubbed up against a few statisticians in my lifetime but none of their ideas transported…
Augusta Khalil Ibrahim

Truth, Lies and Statistics

I absolutely agree that formal education is not the only way to learn.

Photo: Juan Ramos, unsplash.

Thank You For Mansplaining me in How to Respond

@ewxroads (Yay, a republican lawyer blocked me) your response amused me.

I learned about osmosis in junior school, for the record. I paid attention, too. It rather irks me to be accused of ignorance.

You are right in many ways, for example, the technically (though figuratively appropriate — poetic licence) incorrect description of permeability of knowledge as osmosis.

My point is this:

Statistics is not something one picks up during briefings with statisticians, with a PhD or without.

It is a mathematical discipline that for me, required tuition, hundreds of hours of solitary study and a strong grasp of fundamental mathematics.

Your claim (which I cannot substantiate) that you prepared and presented briefs with statisticians with PhDs does not convince me of your credibility as a judge of the value of a study regarding statistical analysis of speech patterns.

Allow me to femsplain and suggest how you could respond:

I studied statistics in Law School.
I studied Mathematics/statistics/calculus before I went to law school.
I have self-studied statistics

(There are videos and learning tools for everything nowadays)

If you respond in ways like this I will consider (with the scepticism born of online experience) that you may be able to add value to this discussion.