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You’d never squash your hair with a hat, would you?

Your hair is gorgeous and your words are brilliantly funny.

He’s no match for you.

Thanks for all the recommends for this little comment.

Another story from Augusta:

Okay, okay, shameless self-promotion.

Here’s a fantastic story by Topher McCulloch with just two recommends that you MUST read. It’s so beautiful and poignant with that delightfully seductive melancholy shimmering under the surface.

Read it or bookmark it later.

Love it or your money back:

Thanks to everybody who viewed this simple comment. Your views brought me cresting past my personal target of 10,000 views for the last thirty days.

Thanks also to the 20 people who recommended it.

In return for your kindness, here’s a link to a brilliant story by clothilde. It made me want to have a bigger nose.

It changed my perspective and the way I behave. Forever.

I want it to do the same for you.

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