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Beat Wanderer Rago Foot

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In the description of his only project in his Bandcamp page so far, he stated that his album, Another Man On A Zig Zag Mission, was recorded and constructed on multiple musical recorders, instruments, computers, on various tours, bathrooms, basements, and subway trains. The young architect seems to never sleep.

Much of the musical fan base are familiar with the name of King Krule at this point. Archy Marshall has been hitting international tours as well plaster his image on music magazines and interviews.

On the surface level, all seems well for the young London musical erudite. Although, his modicum of bandits seems to have been laying low on the limelight, even ever since Marshall’s exploding inception during his teen years.

The modicum includes the likes of Peckham’s only MC Pinty, R&B auteur Jamie Isaac, young literate emcee Jadasea, and frequent instrumental and lyrical collaborator, Rago Foot.

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The case with the hustling Londoner is an interesting speculation. He’s been frequently seen behind the MPC on King Krule’s recent clad of music videos, as well as lending a prominent hand on the inception of Edgar the Beatmaker (Marshall’s Hip Hop alter persona) and Sub Luna City (Hip Hop group formed in late 2013).

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Rago Foot has shown sparse activity in the recent years but without its ineffectiveness. After western Europe’s intrusion by Sub Luna City after 2013, Rago Foot has kept steady with the English music scene. He’s been involved in numerous disc jockey sets, including his collaboration U.K. label Balamii, launching his own clothing line, as well as presenting two projects under his belt.

With one collection of beats presented then deleted, Rago came out with Another Man On A Zig Zag Mission on New Year’s Eve of 2017. There couldn’t have been a better time for the project to be released.

Much of the Chicago winters, although could be unrelenting a lot of the times, much of it is composed of quiet nights. The chilling atmosphere of the bitter air during nights of exhausting work fits well with a lot of the begrimed and muddy minimalism presented in this project.

With fifteen tracks mostly produced by an enclave of his affiliates, there’s a lot of diversity to distinguish between which track is which. Although, the eeriness of the project is subtle but pervasive. Rago speaks about deeply personal topics while presenting it not as so.

Much of the tracks contain serene bangers such as the track Mad Method. If not through hard production, Rago will speak his mind and stories through quiet but ominous vibrations.

Image from Rago Foot’s SoundCloud page

Rago Foot is an underground name still meant to be curdling through the muck of the music industry. With the rising image of Archy Marshall, as well as the consistent contributions of their affiliates, hopefully, his name will obtain household glory.



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