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Serving The Hip-Hop Calling with Devaloop’s ‘From The Bits To The Cosmos’

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German label Radio Juicy is a progenitor of demanded music. The calling for older music modified into the modern music outline is steadily increasing. This demand will only thwart once the era shifts again, releasing another heap of nature-defying subcultures.

For now, many listeners want to escape to the familiar. The need for the old copulating with elements of the new is now at a threshold. Radio Juicy has been keeping up with this demand since after 2010.

Not the demand of exacerbated Pop play, but of the younglings yearning for a moment of a mental oasis. Lo-Fi Hip-Hop siding with Jazz influenced snare-beats is the go-to for their cries.

Devaloop released his beat tape From The Bits To The Cosmos on the Radio Juicy Bandcamp page on November of 2017. After a whole year, the beat tape makes it obvious that this is one of the best times to listen to something like this.

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The Lo-Fi formula fits effortlessly into the nocturnal fixture, and Devaloop constructs this well with this compilation. This compilation involves the hearing of Spanish tongue fluttering, English staccato rhyming, and raw German dialect over compressed old-school beats and snares.

From The Bits To The Cosmos includes fourteen tracks, two of which are supposed bonus tracks perhaps initially unintended to be included. There are two versions of this album.

The version with the green-coded cover filter includes the tracks which contain their lyrical stipulations. Each track with the exception of the introduction track has a different lyricist behind the instrumental. The version with the blue-coded filter is strictly instrumental.

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I prefer the lyrical version of the album. Each lyricist brings a different story and dialect to the table, even if I couldn’t understand the German lyricism. There’s a different breath from each track, which is only supplemented by Devaloop’s immaculate production chops.

Blast (Intro) is the two-minute introduction to the album, which pulls the listener into its world where space and Hip-Hop interlace. Right after the introduction comes the first lyrical track, Nino Senja.

This track is wholly inspired by the production style of Souls of Mischief or Pete Rock. Ryder Smith’s lyrical prose reminds me of Method Man during his prime years. After this track comes to the dynamics and textures of what dedication to the older days look like.

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The beat of Adiposi Exkrement is spacious and untimely. Devaloop riffs his samples with such ferocity, which only adds to the compressed chimes and stomping drums.

The energy coming from the German collective Kids of the Stoned Age only adds energy to the oozing instrumental. They seem like they’re having fun with the beat, which is an essential aspect of Hip-Hop in general.

Another highlight of the album is the track Shinobi Style 2. The instrumental reminds me of the production style of other Lo-Fi martyrs, such as Youtaro or Coryayo.

Lyricist Malev Da Shinobi takes over the advantageous feat of twisting his heavy English with his German tongue, which results in mind-whirling concentration and head-bopping fervor.

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Two of my favorite tracks are Nightshift and Water & Earth. On Nightshift, Lyricist Warpath pounces against Devaloop’s ethereal and slumberous beat, giving himself little chances for taking a breath.

Water & Earth is a purely nocturnal experience. Samura Lore’s voice sedates the senses along with Devaloop’s light-hearted chords and beat-pattern. This track genuflects to the early days of R&B and Hip-Hop, this time by adding more shimmering sounds to its homage.

Devaloop has two more projects under his Spotify name, and six more under his Bandcamp page. He seems to know what he’s doing with his sound. The kids are calling for dedicated material, and producers like Devaloop are there to service them.

Radio Juicy and their affiliated likes continue to upload more related material month by month. Each release introduces a new artist out there spreading their name to the world to hear. As long as the calling continues, so will the efforts of the old-heads and lovers of sound.



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