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7 Great Ways to Repurpose your

Riya Goel
Riya Goel
Aug 6 · 4 min read

Not everyone is going to come across the content that you have to offer via your podcasts. There is a whole lot of other audience that might prefer reading rather than listening to podcasts. Or people who spend most of their time scrolling down Instagram but not on podcasting channels.

Every piece of content you frame takes time and effort. Repurposing that content the right way will help you increase your reach and come across potential audience through different means.

Blog posts :

The easiest way to repurpose your podcast is to make a blog post out of it. There are various tools (both paid and free) that can help you convert your podcasts into a transcript. Some of the paid tools to transcribe your podcasts are :

Use these tools to save yourself from hours of converting podcasts into written content. Give a structure to your transcript, add relevant headings and pictures and your blogpost is good to go!

Video content :

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One of the most Engaging forms of consuming content is videos. Youtube is the second largest search engine and not having it to your disposal is like missing a huge conversion opportunity. People resort to youtube generally with ‘The golden circle’ questions, i.e -

  • Why?

Offer solutions that you tend to deliver via podcasts through video content. Along with going on youtube, Instagram’s IGTV has also gained a lot of attraction lately.

Use these tools to the maximum and you’ll be amazed to see the change in numbers.

Infographics :

Infographics and creatives is a great way to condense your entire content and deliver all the main points on first sight. Making powerful infographics can help you showcase yourself as an expert in that particular niche.

These infographics could be technical like, to depict that statistics that you left out from your podcast or could be one of the other means to play with the minds of your audience!

Memes :

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Who doesn’t like sharing memes? These are witty, fun, and super easy to make. Tons of generator and softwares present will make the process very feasible.

Identify those catchy phrases from your podcast content, incorporate that into a meme template, and entertain your audience on all social media channels.

Downloadable resources :

It is not just about making podcasts, but it’s about choosing the right topics to do so. If planned out properly, every episode would lie under the same niche and will be interrelated.

One of the advantages of sticking to one niche is that it becomes very simple to convert it to an ebook or a downloadable resource one month down the line.

Focus on all the key points discussed in the episodes, segregate the content, and offer it to your audience as the go-to guide!

Email list :

Your email list is probably one of the best marketing tools you have. With the rise of social media marketing, artists often tend to miss out on this list. But email marketing campaign is still the best ways to develop connections with the people.

Offer free content and resources, not just to your new subscribers but also to the already existing audience you have. All the above-discussed strategies should be adopted and email marketing campaigns should be planned out accordingly.

It could be as simple as informing people about upcoming podcast episode.

Q/A Sessions :

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Say you are about to upload an episode in the coming week and you want to engage people and let them know about the upcoming podcast. Instagram ad Facebook stories can help you gain attraction. Put up polls or Ask me anything stories regarding the topic you decided to make a podcast on.

Use your audience’s inputs and questions and try answering them in your podcast. Later after the episode is launched, you can always reach out to those people and let them know about the episode to made keeping in mind all the questions the audience had.

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