Best Podcast Formats to choose from :

Riya Goel
Riya Goel
Jul 22 · 3 min read
podcast formats
podcast formats

We all have that one friend that everyone loves. Apart from the friend who buys us food, we often develop a liking for a person based on how he/she interacts with us. The more we think about it, the more we realize how important it is.

Similar is the case when it comes to podcasting. You can either narrate the content you wrote while podcasting or you can leave your listeners with a sense of happiness at the end of each episode.

All your efforts of making a podcast can go in vain without having a defined format as it all narrows down to how you decide the flow of your content to be.

What are the different types of formats?

If you are planning to , the very first question is where to start? And How to go about it?

After deciding the niche and topic for your podcast, the crucial question is — What format to go with?

Here is a list of formats to help you through your podcasting journey :

  1. The interview podcast format
  2. The monologue podcast format.
  3. Conversational podcast format.
  4. The panel podcast format.
  5. podcast format.
  6. Podcast theater format.
  7. Repurposed content podcast format.

Why proper format is important?

  • It is important to decide about a particular format for your podcast to give it a proper structure.
  • Without picking up the desired format, all you have is a chunk of content that looks messy and disorganized to your audience.
  • Your every episode should be such that your listeners completely understand and can remember it. Word of mouth is the best type of marketing strategy and thus focusing on making your episodes memorable using a proper format will surely help you gain listeners.
  • Not sticking with one format will confuse your audience and generate a gap between you and them. An interview-based format, followed by a monologue format will put a question to your authenticity.
  • Having a predefined format will even make your life simpler, as you’ll just have to find new ways to engage listeners rather than starting from scratch for every given episode.
  • Decide a format and start with to give your initial episodes a kick start.

There might be chances that you are great at initiating conversation and keep it going but might lack the skills of writing the entire content for the episode by yourself.

Well, what about exploring the interview format for your podcast episodes?

Interview format :

interview podcast
interview podcast
  • This is one of the best types of formats, especially for beginners. Use your existing connections and host an interview with people you already know. Familiarity with the person will make you and him both comfortable and hence will be more genuine.
  • Since this format includes having conversations, it turns out to be way more interactive for your listeners.
  • Interacting with a range of people about a variety of topics and making a podcast out of it is the simplest way to bring loads of expertise and experience both for you and your audience.
  • Since every person you call for an interview will have his/her audience too, it will certainly help you broaden your horizon of listeners.
  • Your listeners know that you’re hosting an interview, and thus they become more considerate and forgiving when it comes to making impromptu mistakes.

Stay tuned to know more about different podcast formats and Checkout for more hacks to make podcasting simpler.


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