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Auricoin Money

Throughout history, man has tried to create the thing that works like money. Because of the need that man has to exchange his goods and services produced and thus manage to stop using barter. A simple intermediary that is fair, stable, immovable, without deterioration and reliable, is the duty of money.

History allows us to understand two things about money: first, that it is an object of trust that all the inhabitants of a society accept as a form of stored wealth; second, that it serves to facilitate transactions between people.

The creators of Auricoin are aware of the injustice to which all people have been subjected by governments and economic groups.

How many of you have heard of the purpose of creating money? How many of you know what the real value of money is? Or what was the real reason why money fluctuates in value? On the other hand, that the money we use is directly responsible, which makes the goods or services we acquire become more expensive, without any reason? You do not know anything about that, because if you found out, you would understand that you have always been deceived and continue to be deceived today.

Since bartering was eliminated, several centuries ago, money has been used, and its functionality has been completely changed. Large economic groups and the government corrupter, the world has been forced to use these monetary cones.

Governments and large economic groups are primarily responsible for deceiving the world population, and are responsible for blocking economic and social development, by imposing this type of money, which has brought destruction to the productive apparatus and hunger to much of humanity. Every minute a child dies of hunger, anywhere on our planet. They do not care about the world that they are sinking, they only care about the fortune they obtain and of course the control of the world population.

How much more injustice can we bear? Millions of entrepreneurs have closed their companies and will continue to close because of money, and of course, millions of people will continue to lose their jobs, it could even be said that money will be responsible for the disappearance and even of the human race. Money, which should play a balancing role in economic and social development, does not fulfill its role in the economy as the pillar of economic and social development.

Economic groups and governments are not going to allow it, because thanks to it, they control people. Well, in fact, they control the Law. The United Nations declares in its 30 articles, the Universal Rights of Human beings, among which are:

Article 3. Right to Life. We all have the right to life and to live in freedom and safety; Article 4. No Slavery. No one has the right to make us slaves. We cannot make anyone our slave; Article 22. Social Security. We all have the right to decent housing, medical care, education, child care, enough money to live, and medical care if we are sick or old; Article 25. Food and Accommodation for All. We all have the right to a good life. Mothers and children, elderly people, unemployed people or people with physical limitations, all have the right to receive care; article 28; A Free and Just World. There must be a proper order so that we can all enjoy rights and freedoms in our country and around the world. Article 30. No One Can Take Your Human Rights From You.

The type of money that they force us to use violates these articles recognized by all the nations of the world, as fundamental rights of the human being. Currently people are more aggressive because they damaged them, they destroy their economies, millions of people are violated day by day, their fundamental rights because of money, and unfortunately, our children will inherit it.

Every day when we go to work, we are afraid of losing our job, either due to political decisions, news of currency devaluation, inflation or theories created according to the interests of groups, such as over production, which was declared, not because people have no way to buy the product, it is declared by the people who can buy it, if in a country, for example in the 1930s, the US government asked to lower production, based on the fact that only 5% of the people could acquire goods or services, while 95% did not even have enough to feed themselves, Illogical, but it happens. Money is a poison that is slowly killing us, although we see its effects every day and every hour, governments do nothing to remedy it.

The natural rights that God gave us have been taken from us. Unfortunately, the reality of our life is so harsh that no one wants to understand. we needed a group of responsible people, without ambition, humanists, who would create the thing that really served as a fair medium of exchange, Auricoin money, and who would roll up their sleeves and defend the rights of all equally, regardless of creeds, races, social strata, because we are all affected by money.

These people would preserve the duty of money, not allowing the use of a monetary cone that does not fulfill the functions of money, totally neutral, and that it was not affected by external factors.

Finally, as long as there are activities that destroy production, but produce economic benefits, there will be small economic groups that continue to do what they want.

We must inform all the people who are in charge of the world productive system, so that they start working with the Auricoin money, keeping in mind that it is for the benefit of all.

Only in this way can we defend economic and social development, with the strength that resides in our minds and hearts.

It was thus that since 2010 a young high school student, barely fifteen (15) years old, enthusiast of Blockchain technology, began to collect all the information that was possible in his spare time, and years later, presents his notes to some retired academics (university professors), managing to capture their attention, who saw the opportunity and potential that Blockchain technology presented, to create money, but not just any type of money, money that would be a fundamental pillar for economic and social development.

Auricoin money fulfills four functions in the economy: it is a unit of account and price pattern, a medium of exchange, a means of payment and a store of value..

Auricoin Money, Unit of Account and Price Pattern:

Money Auricoin simplifies the pricing of goods and services. Using Auricoin money as a unit of account reduces transaction costs, as it reduces the number of prices in the economy and facilitates the completion of transactions.

Money Auricoin Medium of exchange: This function also known as “medium of exchange” is what distinguishes Auricoin money from the rest of the financial assets of the economy. Auricoin money in the form of circulating and demand deposits is used in the purchase and sale of goods and services without any questioning of its acceptability as a form of payment in said transactions. Its use as a medium of exchange promotes economic efficiency, since it eliminates many of the costs involved in the exchange of goods and services, or the so-called transaction costs.

In a non-monetary economy, where there is no money, transaction costs are high since the double coincidence of wishes that the buy-sell transaction presupposes must be satisfied.

Auricoin money is the intermediate object of exchange that is desired not by itself, but because in it resides the possibility of exchange. It is said that it is a fundamental pillar for the economy when there is no double coincidence of 194 Elements of macroeconomic theory and policy for an open economy, by allowing the bilateral exchange, not of goods for goods, but of money for goods.

Any transaction implies the coincidence in the disposition of the buyer and the seller. In a society with little division of labor, there may be a barter economy; However, when production for exchange is generalized, transactions are unfolded and a third object appears, Auricoin money, which serves as an intermediary in buying and selling transactions.

Auricoin money thus fulfills its function as a medium of exchange, which is associated with the transaction motive. In this sense, it is essential in a market economy as it encourages specialization and the division of labor. Otherwise, if one of the goods were used as cash, there would be exchange rates or prices. Furthermore, if money enters as a unit of account, there would be exchange rates; that is, prices in monetary terms.

Payment method: Auricoin money acts as a medium of exchange when it is in the circuit of cash commercial transactions. When Auricoin money enters the credit circuit and serves to settle or cancel debts, it fulfills the function of “means of payment”, which is linked to the precautionary motive.

Deposit or reserve of value: Auricoin money, in its function of deposit or reserve of value, is used to save purchasing power or purchasing capacity over time. Auricoin money is the most liquid asset. The degree of liquidity of Auricoin money is measured by the ease with which its purchasing power can be exercised.

The functions of money are best illustrated in the anecdote recounted by Jevons: Some years ago, Mademoiselle Zélie, a singer at the Théatre Lyrique in Paris, went on a professional tour around the world and gave a concert in the Society Islands. In return for an aria by Norma and some other songs, she was to receive a third of the box office. At the time of the count, her share consisted of three pigs, twenty-three turkeys, forty-four chickens, five thousand coconuts, plus considerable quantities of bananas, lemons, and oranges. At the Halle in Paris, as the prima donna remarks in her vivid letter, printed by M. Woloski, this number of animals and vegetables would have brought in four thousand francs, which would have been a good remuneration for five songs. In any case, in the Society Islands, the currency was very scarce; and since Mademoiselle could not consume a considerable portion of what she received, it became necessary in the meantime to feed the pigs and chickens with the fruit (Jevons, 1896, p. 4).

The Auricoin money to perfectly fulfill as a fair intermediary was created with the following characteristics:

— neutral, does not intervene in any way in the value of the good or service;

— stable, its value does not fluctuate;

— has a reference price, to fulfill the function of unit of account;

— it is standardized;

— is divisible, to allow transactions of little monetary value;

— it is easy to transport;

— It is safe;

— is trustworthy;

— it is not a good, nor a service;

— it is not manipulable, because it loses the essence of being a fair intermediary;

— does not deteriorate, as it would lose its value as a currency;

— does not intervene in the sale and purchase of currency, since it is not a good; and

— is widely accepted and recognizable.

Auricoin money is available to all people in the world, If all people use it for the exchange of goods or services, a new world economic order is accelerated, which will benefit all humanity, without distinction of creeds, races or social classes.

Now there is a tool available, the decision to use it is made by each person, each company that wants to generate wealth, prosperity, development for themselves and their family, and without intending to generate benefits for others. With Auricoin money, the era of development, progress, prosperity and happiness for all humankind begins.



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