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INFLATION: Economic process caused by the existing imbalance between production and demand; causes a continuous rise in the prices of most products and services, and a loss of the value of money to be able to buy or make use of them.

But what really causes it?

According to the research carried out by the creators of Auricoin, inflation occurs in the economy for specific reasons, it was appreciated and an analysis of the crisis that occurred in Germany 1922–1924 was carried out, we refrain from placing more recent examples to avoid influencing politics, which is not our branch. However, whether inflation occurs in the twentieth century, or at any other time, it will always repeat itself in the same way.

Inflation occurs in a country when a political confrontation begins. When this happens, the dreaded inflation tends to appear, the panorama experienced in the German crisis that occurred shows that inflation makes its appearance, when the confrontation of the two most important political currents existing in the country begins. In Germany, a new way of governing (democratic) begins and they confront those who ruled.

This brought about an internal confrontation, where those who no longer governed, began to make certain rumors roll, with the sole purpose of making the one who governed fail, it was that simple, and that is how the feared Inflation in a country always presents itself, rumors make people believe in these rumors, they begin to look for what the manipulators and speculators supposedly call hard currency. Now we must ask ourselves which currency is hard, if they all have the same value and it is zero, but this is the work of the currency market manipulators and speculators. This is how the dreaded inflation appears in a country.

This, plus the loss of the German productive sector, due to the embargo carried out in 1923, where the French and Belgians invaded the Ruhr, one of the most industrialized areas of Germany as a measure of pressure for it to restart the payments that it had unilaterally suspended, the industrialists Germans were forced to stop production.

As there is no production of goods, the work of speculators and currency manipulators begins, many times the main allies of those who no longer govern and the commercial sector. The work of rolling rumors begins and this makes the currency that is attacked begin to devalue, in the border market of this country.

This brings an indiscriminate price rise, it must be remembered that only 3% of the money moves through the banknotes, which causes more cash to be demanded, since speculators do not accept another payment, so as not to be detected, which makes the currency exchanges only in cash start. Now, these rumors are spread among the general population, and what speculators were waiting for begins, all those who know that money is devaluing, begin to exchange it for the other currency, mostly in US dollars. This makes the existing money in circulation insufficient and more money has to be printed, since, if it is not printed, the devalued circulating money also becomes a business, due to the demand that exists in the market for cash, which is the payment accepted by speculators and market manipulators.

Really money does not lose value in itself, because it does not have it, remember that since 1971 fiat or fiduciary money, its value is equal to zero “0”, let’s put an example: if a pound of rice costs 0.50 cents to produce of dollar, it can be sold in times of inflation up to 10 dollars a pound, thanks to the manipulators, speculators and traders who, for the most part, are the ones who drive inflation, not knowing that sooner or later this will revert to themselves , by destroying the economy of the country, and are the cause of the ruin of companies and people, reaching the extremes that thanks to these practices, which begin with the desire for power of politicians, and pass through the hands of the speculators and manipulators of the currency market, get to cause hunger in the population of that country and ends up dragging the country to total ruin.

Always remember the following:

“The reason for the creation of money is so that people stopped using barter, which consisted in the exchange of goods or services for goods and services as well. This way of exchanging used, brought enormous problems to develop the trade, since an egg producer wanted, for example, a tunic (a suit used in ancient times), it was extremely difficult to achieve the exchange, since if he looked for the manufacturer of the tunic and he did not want or did not need the eggs, the exchange was frustrated.

For this reason, money was created; to be used by people and companies in the exchange of goods or services through a neutral, fair, safe, reliable and stable intermediary (money), and this to function, its value must not be influenced by interference or external factors”.

This manipulation and speculation of the market through money could be classified as a crime against humanity, but nobody does anything.

For this reason, Auricoin money will never enter the money tables, where speculators and manipulators of the currency market are ready to activate themselves, as they please.

We must be aware and ask ourselves the following questions: If the dollar has a value = zero “0”, how can it be worth less or more than another currency, for example the Euro that its value is also = zero “0”?

Can a monetary cone (money) be used for the exchange of goods and services, which is not stable and whose value is set the same as a product (which is not) by supply and demand, making it highly volatile due to influences of external factors?



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