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Nobel Prize In Economics

In addition, it has not only been the Schools of Economic Sciences that have been searching for the solution. In 1968, the Bank of Sweden established the Sveriges Risksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in memory of Alfredo Nobel, the founder of his eponymous award.

The Swedish Central Bank’s Alfredo Nobel Memorial Prize

In fact, the very name of the prize is: “The Prize of the Central Bank of Sweden in Memory of Alfred Nobel”, a prize that indirectly benefits those who created it, to serve their purposes and interests, and not to honor the memory of Alfred Nobel, even his own descendants maintain that the deceased scientist, if he were still alive, would not have agreed to give him his name. This results in the fact, ignored by so many, that this award is not even a “Noble” Prize, much less a Nobel Prize, or anything close to it. Point

What, in effect, happened was that the Swedish Central Bank shrewdly and stealthily instituted it to give credibility to the architects of free market economies and provide them with a veneer of scientific authority..

The Bank of Sweden encourages economists, philosophers and anyone who has a theory that can help solve the problems that the economy presents at every moment, for different reasons and creates the Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize for Economic Sciences, being this one of the most important distinctions awarded to all those intellectuals who, according to the criteria of the judges of this award, have contributed favorably to a theory or activity, on the subject.

But the reality is, until now, no one has managed to solve the problem, which causes the economic imbalances.

Like the Schools of Economic Sciences, theories go, theories come, but the economy continues to decline.



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