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stNEAR & AURORA now live on Aurigami!

It’s official — stNEAR & AURORA are now live on Aurigami!

Starting today, you will be able to deposit stNEAR & AURORA to enjoy our premine rewards in the form of $PLY 💖

For stNEAR, $META rewards will also be distributed. That means users will be able to enjoy the power of stacking yield on top of yield on top of yield (AKA TRIPLE YIELDS🔥🔥🔥).

For AURORA, hodlers will finally be able to enjoy access to a single-asset deposit, unlocking even more capital efficiency for the network coin.

The feature to collateralize stNEAR and AURORA will come soon, which will further empower your multiPLYcation. For now, enjoy the sweet, sweet rewards of $PLY and $META, with plenty more to come…

⚠️Note: $PLY premine rewards for the other pools (ETH, WBTC, WNEAR, USDT, USDC) will still remain the same as before.

In the coming few weeks, we have a lineup of MANY MORE exciting features to introduce, including some listings… 👀

We’re only entering Week 2 of Aurigami’s mainnet release, and already we are the TVS leader of Aurora with over $300m! This is just the beginning and we’re honoured to be growing alongside the Aurora ecosystem 🚀

So anon, what do you think will happen next?



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