Kirsti Grant
Jan 22 · 2 min read

As we kick off a New Year at Auror there are a few things we would like to work on as a team above and beyond our strategic company objectives.

We are aware that we’re constantly consuming a variety of content as we scale Auror. With the pace of change in technology content can quickly become irrelevant, especially if it focuses too heavily on the outcomes vs the journey itself, the lessons along the way and the mistakes made. Here at Auror we want to try and share more of the latter, which is why we’ve created Auror Intel. A place where we can share stories of how we’re building Auror — the product, the people and everything in-between.

We believe that good communication is one of the most powerful skills we can possess. A guiding principle at Auror is Be Relentless About Improvement and many of us are keen to level up across the variety of communication types that exist. Creating a place where our team can share their writing externally is one way of doing this. Part of what makes sharing wonderful is the community that you become a part of. Community is a big part of what makes the Auror product successful so we’re excited to start building a community amongst our peers in the startup community. If you’re in tech already or would like to get into the industry, this content is for you.

It’s probably a good time to mention another one of our guiding principles. Have Strong Opinions, Loosely Held. This principle has been a key element of building the company culture we have today and we believe it’s imperative as we scale. We have found that different perspectives are essential in decision making and it’s not at all uncommon to hear the words “My strong opinion loosely held is….” or see the acronym SOLH appear on Slack as someone shares their opinion or perhaps a perspective that may not be totally aligned to others.

Auror Intel will absolutely incorporate this principle. We know that something that works for us may not work for others which is why we’ll focus more on the journey highlighting those different points along the way that might be relatable.
And it goes without saying, we would love to hear our readers perspectives on any subject.

Thanks and see you soon!

The Auror Team

Auror Intel

The inside scoop on how Auror empowers a community of crimefighters.

Kirsti Grant

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Co-founder & CEO at @GetPopulate, People & Culture Advisor for some & Extra-Mum of 2 boys. Enthusiast of #PeopleTech, Prosecco & Puppers. Lover of @LanceHodges

Auror Intel

The inside scoop on how Auror empowers a community of crimefighters.

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