Me-Manuals: An Experiment in Over-sharing

Phil Thomson
Jan 30 · 4 min read

What is a Me-Manual?

Typically it takes months and years of trial and error to learn how others work, what they like and what annoys them. A Me-Manual is a document that you write to make it easier for others to understand your subtleties, the way you operate, and provides a way for people to get the most out of you and interactions with you. There is no set structure for how you write your Manual and so far everyone’s Manuals at Auror have been very different in terms of content and length (many are just one page).

What do we think makes a good Me-Manual?

Before you start writing, you should first spend some quality time dedicated to better understanding yourself. Write down particular quirks or traits you know you have, ask for feedback from people you work with or know you well, and do some online tests to find the things that resonate best with you (such as Myers-Briggs, Harrison Assessment, or Gallup StrengthFinders).

Here are some areas that we have found useful to cover in your Manual:

  • Your personal mission statement: share what drives you and how you see the world.
  • How you think and make decisions: Are you a fast thinker or a “gradual processor”? Do you prefer to share your immediate thoughts out loud, or do you consider everyone else’s points of view before making a decision or speaking?
  • How you prefer to communicate and get feedback: Do you like working at night or on the weekend?
  • Your areas of weakness: What things are you actively working on (and that you want people to provide feedback on or help you improve)?
  • Personal details: Anything that will help people to get to know you better. This could be hobbies, kids, your love of donuts, what you are currently learning about etc. This makes you more personable and interest people can talk to you about when getting to know everyone.

What have we learned so far?

1. It requires intense introspection prior to writing and candid feedback from those close to you. This process can also positively change how you see yourself and how you act towards others.

We have found that Me-Manuals have:

  • created a better understanding of how everyone operates;
  • assisted with how the team collaborates and works effectively together; and
  • been great conversation starters with new team members.

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Auror Intel

The inside scoop on how Auror empowers a community of crimefighters.