IDEX Alpha Instructions

The IDEX alpha is open to everyone! Here’s how to get started.

Use IDEX to create a new wallet and send us the wallet address, either via pm on reddit or email. We’ll send you back some ropsten testnet ether. To copy your wallet address, click on the wallet address in the person icon dropdown in the upper righthand corner of the exchange.

IDEX alpha is configured with ether and three other test assets for trading. Additionally the precision has been modified so that 1 eth is displayed as 1000 eth, allowing users to test with whole numbers and make everyone feel rich. Each user will receive .2 ETH to trade or to use to obtain the test currencies by sending Eth to the following addresses on the ropsten testnet.

AUR: “0x21e645597b16dadf9c1e8701d8bc20fb88314972”

DGD: “0xe8da06169d6773e85055e772ea1659e2a74b617e”

REP: “0xe1e3e3a5342ada2d41dabfdb42536f278fb83a44”

The contracts distribute 10k of each asset per 1 ETH. Use a gas limit of at least 100k to ensure the transaction does not fail. We suggest keeping at least .05 Eth in your wallet so that you can pay the gas fee to deposit on to IDEX.

Once you have received some test ether and assets, navigate to the exchange and deposit them to IDEX. Deposit all of your assets first before depositing the ether. This ensures that you have enough gas to make all of the deposits. Please see the guides section on how to make a deposit if you need more details. Once you have deposited the assets and ether you can begin trading! If you need further instructions on how to use IDEX, please follow the guides in the help dropdown.

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