IDEX launches AURA Staking! Learn How to Earn Platform Trading Fees or Increased Trading Rewards

We are happy to announce that the alpha release of our AURA staking software (AuraD) is now officially live and available for download! A big thank you to our community for your continued support and patience as we worked to push this across the finish line.

How to Run an AURA Staking Node

Users that hold the minimum staking amount (10k AURA) need to:

  1. Download the AuraD staking software from GitHub here.
  2. Follow the instructions in our AURA staking documentation or the step-by-step walkthrough video below:

Note: AURA will need to be held in a user’s wallet (incubated) for a minimum of 7 days before it can be staked. However, we have lifted this incubation requirement until Monday, Jan 14th (2am UTC) to allow early adopters to get nodes up and running immediately!

How Else Can I participate in AURA Staking?

All users are eligible to receive a 2x AURA trading rewards multiplier during our alpha period.

Simply opt into the program under the main navigation menu as seen below and sign the action with your private keys when prompted. By opting in, you will begin receiving trade history data from those running AURA nodes (rather than the IDEX servers).

Opt-in under the user settings and sign with your private keys to enable a 2x trading rewards multiplier

The more users we have participating in both sides of AURA staking the better, as it allows us to gather and analyze valuable performance data that will improve future iterations of the staking software.

We hope you are as excited as we are to enter the next phase in the evolution of IDEX. We quite literally couldn’t do it without you.

Happy staking!

~The IDEX (Aurora) team

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