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During ETHDenver, Aurora was featured in several panels and talks, where major ideas and announcements were shared with a large audience of crypto enthusiasts. As ETHDenver comes to an end, it is time for a recap of Aurora’s main contribution to this incredible event.

Aurora Labs’ Protocol Lead Michael Birch released the Aurora Contracts SDK

On March 2nd, our Protocol Lead Michael Birch announced the release of the Aurora Contracts SDK during NEAR Day, opening up a new era of cross-ecosystem communication between NEAR and Aurora. The Aurora Contracts SKD comprises a Rust library for NEAR contracts to interact with Aurora, a Solidity library to interact with NEAR, and plenty of examples to facilitate the work of developers that are looking to implement cross-contract calls.

Aurora Labs announced the Launch of Aurora Cloud

On the 2nd of March, Aurora Labs’ CEO Alex Shevchenko dropped a second major announcement–the launch of Aurora Cloud, a platform and suite of products that allow today’s Web2 businesses to capture the value of Web3.

Aurora Cloud’s pillars are Borealis Business, Aurora Pass, and Aurora Silos. The first pillar is Borealis Business, a transaction processing and accounting engine that enables Web2 companies to add blockchain capability to their applications in a way that completely removes costs and other technical complexities from the end-user experience. The second pillar is Aurora Pass, a digital wallet that facilitates the adoption of blockchain technology in mobile applications and allows users to authorize transactions using familiar biometric facilities like Touch ID and Face ID.

Lastly, the third innovation put forward by Aurora Cloud is Aurora Silos, which are customer-specific, dedicated blockchains, running on the Borealis Business infrastructure. Aurora Silos go beyond Ethereum compatibility, allowing customers to design and implement their own custom tokens, tokenomics, and even transaction fee mechanics, to support any imaginable blockchain business model.

Aurora Cloud is currently in beta and open for early integrations!

Bridges: How Not to Hack Up Everything

The last talk for the CEO of Aurora on March 2nd focused on outlining the security layers that make the Rainbow Bridge one of the most secure bridges in the market. Since its deployment, the Rainbow bridge has resided so several hacker attacks thanks to its secure architecture, thorough internal review and inspections, audits, automates systems (MEV) and an effective bounty program.

Aurora Labs’ Vision for Next Generation Blockchain UX

On March 4th, Alex Shevchenko talked about Aurora’s vision for making blockchain accessible and convenient for businesses and users. During this talk, he outlined the two key components: protocol-level meta transactions and account abstraction. Aurora achieved both through the development of Aurora Pass and Borealis.

Scaling Ethereum ft. Aurora, Polygon & Arbitrum

Also on March 4th CEO Alex Shevchenko participated in a panel with Brendan Farmer from Polygon Zero and Harry Kalodner, the CTO of Offchain, an EVM-compatible rollup on Arbitrum. During this panel, the participants shared their ideas on scalability and outlined their different approaches and visions for the future.

Final Remarks

The 2023 edition of ETHDenver was great for the crypto industry. Despite the bear market, the event registered thousands of participants among builders and crypto enthusiasts. Following our announcements, Aurora and NEAR Protocol received a lot of attention at ETHDenver and we are looking forward to sharing more news on our next steps!

In this short outline we only mentioned some of the events that the Aurora Labs’ team participated in, but much more has happened in the past week! We invite you to take a look at the official ETHDenver Youtube account where you will be able to find the complete recordings of all the Aurora panels and talks!

About Aurora

Powered by its high-performance EVM, and fully trustless Rainbow Bridge, Aurora combines an Ethereum compatible experience with the modern blockchain performance of NEAR Protocol. Aurora provides an optimal environment for the creation of scalable, carbon-neutral, future-safe, and low-cost Web3 services, as well as the perfect tools to bring your Web3 initiatives to life. Try Aurora Cloud, our all-in-one cloud solution for enterprises, and get your Web3 journey started!

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