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Kenshi Launches its Deep Index & Oracle Network on Aurora

What is Kenshi?

The Kenshi Deep Index

  • Query events efficiently without iterating over each block on the blockchain
  • Keep track of moved assets or other trackable quantities
  • Notify users of received tokens and NFTs or when a specific event happens
  • Connect events to automation tools such as IFTTT, Zapier,, and others
  • Create serverless data flows and redirect blockchain events to AWS Lambda, Vercel, Cloudflare Workers, and others
  • Receive data from the blockchain on IoT devices such as ESP32, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and others

The Kenshi Oracle Network

  • Keep track of the ownership of blockchain assets across L1 and L2 chains
  • Track business data such as received payments, commodities, shipments, and others
  • Connect your smart contract to real-world data like weather, sports, and others
  • Get randomness for blockchain games, dynamic NFTs, and others
  • Run heavy in-game computations off the chain
  • Call any API and return its results to the blockchain

Why Aurora ?

About Kenshi

About Aurora



Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine based on the layer 1 proof-of-stake blockchain NEAR Protocol. It provides a solution for developers to deploy their apps on an Ethereum-compatible, high-speed, scalable, and future-proof platform with low transaction costs for their users.

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Aurora is a fully compatible EVM and a fully trustless bridge between the Ethereum, NEAR and Aurora networks.