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This Is Aurora Ecosystem

Forest by Yegor Meteor
  • care for future generations
  • trust in entrepreneurship
  • monitoring of technological thresholds and cultural transformations
  • give-back and give-first
  • creation of intergenerational connections
  • love for the future

Junior Achievement

  • Sci-Tech Challenge
  • Innovation & Creativity Camp
  • Impresa in azione
  • Leaders for a Day
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Pass
  • Green Jobs
  • Teacherpreneur – The Entrepreneurial School
  • STEM Lab for Children
  • Io e l’economia green
  • Idee in azione per UPSHIFT

Fondazione Homo Ex Machina

  • 6 – 10 years: Summer School
  • 6 – 18 years: Tecnopia Award
  • 15 – 25 years: Transfer Leadership and “Breakfasts on Sustainable Development Goals”
  • 18–20 years: Aurora

Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Fondazione Golinelli

  • “Giardino delle Imprese”, for the development of boys and girls of secondary schools soft skills;
  • “Icaro” Project, aimed at university students;
  • “Summer School Entrepreneurship in humanities”, an intensive thematic path, addressed to social studies students who wish to approach entrepreneurship.

Campus Party

Giffoni Innovation HUB

Heroes Meet in Maratea

Kairos Society


Associazione TechGarage

  • the world of grassroots innovation: teachers, researchers, students and innovators;
  • the world of early stage venture capital investors (business angels, independent seed and venture capital funds, formal or informal corporate venture capital);
  • the business world.


StartUp Day


Startup Geeks

Open Italy – ELIS

Kilometro Rosso



  • Un due tre scienza: an online free scientific series designed for kids staying home during the COVID emergency.

House of Beautiful Business


Danish Startup Group

Plug and Play Italy

Beyond The Box


Urban Future



Junior Achievement Alumni Italy


Digital Building Blocks APS





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