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Aurus & Coorest: Offsetting the Carbon Footprint in the Precious Metals Market with Sustainable Investments

Aurus x Coorest

CARDIFF, UK — Aurus has partnered with Coorest, a European blockchain company that is building a decentralized platform for real-world linked NFTrees, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions globally. Through the tokenization of trees, CO2, and issuance of PoCC (Proof of Carbon Compensation) certificates, Coorest enables a transparent and globally accessible market for sustainable investments and CO2 offsetting.

Aurus and Coorest will work together to bring carbon emission offsetting alternatives to the precious metals market, contributing to reducing the carbon footprint via innovative and sustainable investments, such as NFTrees and CO2 tokens. With this collaboration, both companies will help the precious metals industry to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The companies seek to generate synergies to benefit both of their ecosystems, collaborating on the following projects:

  • Invest in NFTrees and CO2 tokens with precious metals.
  • Enable mining companies and traditional precious metals businesses to offset their carbon footprint by buying NFTrees to generate CO2 tokens or by buying CO2 tokens and burning them for PoCC certificates.
  • Aurus tokens and Coorest tokens trading pairs in decentralized finance platforms.
  • NFTrees will be available for purchase on and the Aurus App.

This is just the start, there are many more synergies and opportunities to explore in the future.

About Aurus

Aurus is a blockchain company that provides the software, network and crypto infrastructure for global precious metals businesses to merge with the future of finance, in the form of DeFi and Web3 applications — giving them high tech products, a huge addressable market and passive revenue streams.

About Coorest

Coorest aims to close the gap between the real-world and the digital world by supplying metaverses with sustainable real-world linked NFTs and creating a CO2 token market. Their platform helps to reduce CO2 emissions, improve livelihoods, and protect wildlife. Through the tokenization of trees,wildlife and CO2 capturing, Coorest enables a transparent and globally accessible market for sustainable investments.



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