AURUS Networking in London

Two of our team members recently came back from networking at the 2019 London Blockchain Week. Over the course of a few days, many valuable discussions took place with potential integration partners, digital exchanges, gold providers, and institutional custodial services.

Aurus has secured a mutually beneficial partnership with Metals Focus. Metals Focus is one of the world’s leading precious metals consultancies. The team has an exhaustive worldwide network in the precious metals also specialising in the research into the global gold, silver, platinum and palladium markets producing regular analytic reports, forecasts and bespoke consultancy. Aurus will leverage on this network and be in clear sight of the gold industry. A path the company has clearly chosen above hyped the blockchain space.

In and around The London Blockchain Week Aurus attended several meetings with previous members and employees of the Royal Mint Gold, involved in the RMG project. This led to the addition of knowledgeable and connected members to our advisory board.

Convention observations: One of the things that stood out to our team was the efforts made by from second tier players entering the crypto space catering towards institutional money which has been sidelined, entering the digital asset space. These services vary from Know Your Customer tools and Anti Money Laundering services as well as custodian services for institutional clients not having the tools in place to book these transactions on their investment books. All this is done in accordance and close monitoring of the regulatory framework.