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Connecting your Vault Card to the Aurus Mobile App

Aurus Mobile App and Vault Card

This tutorial is about connecting your Vault Card to the Aurus app and setting up a 4-digit PIN code. Read more!

Before we dive into the tutorial, it’s important to know that the Aurus app enables you to create or link two different wallets to store tokens, 1) a software wallet, and 2) an Aurus Vault Card (and Aurus Gold Card V1).

Today, it is compulsory to set up a 4-digit PIN in the onboarding process of the Aurus app. By default, the PIN that you setup in the app will be the same for both accessing your Card and for opening the App (if no face recognition is configured). So, if you already established a PIN for the App, make sure to enter the same one for your Card!

Step 1: Let’s start connecting the Card

If you are opening the Aurus app for the first time, please continue through the onboarding process and in the Wallet Setup screen, tap on “I already have a wallet, and in the next screen tap on “Link my Aurus Card”, then tap on “Continue”.

Connecting your Card

Step 2: Scan your Card

In the next screen, tap on “Start scan” and then put your Vault Card behind your phone (close to the NFC reader). The Card needs to be touching the back of your device, and hold it there until your phone completes the reading.

Scanning your Card

Step 3: Create and confirm your PIN

After your phone reads the Card, you will get a success message, then you will have to tap on “Continue”. And in the next screen proceed to create a 4-digit PIN, then confirm that 4-digit PIN.

Important! This PIN will be the one used for unlocking the App, so keep your PIN safe and never forget it.

Scanning Card and Creating PIN

Ready! Your Card should be connected to the Aurus App


Now your can access your Card on the Wallet section of the Aurus App. Remember to check what network (Polygon or Ethereum) you are using (Settings → Network) in order to visualize the tokens that are on your Card.

About Aurus

Aurus provides the software, network and crypto infrastructure for global precious metals businesses to merge with the future of finance, in the form of DeFi and Web3 applications — giving them high tech products, a huge addressable market and passive revenue streams.



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