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Gold, Silver and Platinum in DeFi — How to Earn Passive Yield With Aurus

Aurus Ecosystem Tokens

Aurus is a groundbreaking enterprise bridging the worlds of precious metals and blockchain by providing you with the opportunity to buy Gold, Silver and Platinum in a tokenized form. The recently launched Aurus V2 was a massive overhaul that expanded the Aurus ecosystem with numerous new features such as an improved website and Mobile App, the exclusive Aurus Vault Card and the integration of Aurus with Polygon.

Most importantly, Aurus V2 enabled the activation of the Aurus Reward-Sharing Mechanism, which empowers the holders of the AurusDeFi (AWX) token with the revolutionary opportunity to gain a reliable source of passive income paid in Gold, Silver and Platinum. It’s definitely a great time to join the Aurus ecosystem by investing in AurusDeFi — but what is AWX exactly, and why is the passive yield earned in tokenized precious metals so attractive?

Tokenized Gold, Silver and Platinum: The Future of the Precious Metals Market

Precious metals are the beloved asset class of almost every veteran investor. No matter what happens to other markets such as equities or cryptocurrencies, precious metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum always appreciate in value in the long term, which makes them a perfect hedge not only against inflation but against all forms of economic crises in general.

However, precious metals also have some disadvantages. For example, they are physically cumbersome and can be expensive to store and transfer. And that’s why Aurus provides you with the ability to invest in tokenized precious metals — secure certificates of ownership of a certain amount of Gold, Silver or Platinum, stored in a digital form on the blockchain.

Aurus currently provides three tokenized precious metals: AurusGOLD (AWG), AurusSILVER (AWS), and AurusPLATINUM (AWP). Aurus tokens have all of the benefits of physical gold, silver and platinum, whilst having the divisibility, fungibility, and tradability of any digital asset like Bitcoin. It’s the best of both worlds.

Most importantly, Aurus tokens can be effortlessly purchased, transferred, stored and redeemed — all Aurus tokens are 100% backed by physical metals, and each one is redeemable for 1 gram of Gold, Silver or Platinum sourced from refineries accredited by the prestigious London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

What Is AurusDeFi (AWX), and Why Should You Invest?

The Aurus Ecosystem does not only provide precious metal stablecoins. It also circulates AurusDeFi (AWX) — a powerful, scarce asset with a supply limited to only 30 million tokens. Investing in AurusDeFi will empower you with numerous unique advantages — most importantly, the opportunity to profit from the expansion of the Aurus ecosystem as a whole.

The main use case of the AurusDeFi token is being the reward-sharing asset of the Aurus ecosystem. In other words, AWX is used to distribute the minting and transactional fees of Aurus tokenized metals.

Whenever people buy, transfer or sell AurusGOLD, AurusSILVER and AurusPLATINUM tokens on-chain, a portion of the transaction fee (50% of AWG, 30% of AWS and AWP) is collected and redistributed to AurusDeFi holders and bullion providers. AurusDeFi provides a reliable source of passive income — all you have to do is stake your AWX tokens in the Aurus mobile app, and you can regularly claim your share of tokenized gold, silver and platinum. AWX Stake & Claim is set to activate in late Q1 2022.

Another use case of AWX is serving as the governance token of the Aurus ecosystem. By holding AurusDeFi tokens, you gain the right to vote on proposals regarding the future of Aurus and various strategic business strategies. AWX go is set to activate Q4 2022.

As the market cap and trading volume of the AurusGOLD, AurusSILVER and AurusPLATINUM tokens increases, the amount of passive income you can claim for staking AurusDeFi also increases. Regardless of whether the price of precious metals goes up or down, you will continue to earn a steady yield, which makes AurusDeFi the perfect hedge against the volatility of precious metals.

What Can You Expect From Aurus In 2022?

The Aurus team consists of precious metals experts, finance and crypto professionals — supported by highly esteemed advisors such as Jason Toussaint (former CEO of SPDR Gold Shares, the world’s largest gold ETF, and World Gold Council Exec) and Grant Angwin (Head of Asahi Mining & former Chairman of the LBMA). Due to the highly experienced team, the Aurus ecosystem is able to expand at a rapid pace, with new partners and functionalities added each month.

Thanks to the recent implementation of the Polygon Scaling Solution, Aurus can now activate the AWX stake and claim functionality. In March 2022, early AWX adopters will be able to claim rewards paid in Gold, Silver and Platinum. Shortly thereafter, a governance system will be introduced. Additional functionality for AWX is to follow with ‘Silver’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’ membership programs, Private Discord channels (exclusive content), extra yield opportunities, NFT White-list spots and so much more.

Aurus is entering a critical phase of development, which will be followed by the widespread adoption of AurusGOLD, AurusSILVER and AurusPLATINUM by precious metals enthusiasts and investors of all types around the world. For the first time ever, investors have the opportunity to earn a passive income paid in Gold, Silver and Platinum.

Just remember, that in order to be eligible to stake your AWX tokens, you need to have accumulated a minimum of 100 AWX tokens.

The total supply of AurusDeFi tokens is strictly limited — out of the 30,000,000 AWX tokens that exist, only 12,000,000 AWX are left available for purchase. Are you ready to embrace the future of precious metals and sound money? Don’t wait any longer, accumulate your AWX tokens now to claim your share of reliable passive income for life!

Where Can You Buy AWX?

You can buy AWX on QuickSwap (Polygon).

What To Earn More AWX?

In collaboration with QuickSwap, now you can! Provide liquidity to the AWX-USDC pool, stake your LP token on QuickSwap and earn your share of $200,000 in AWX rewards. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, learn how here: Aurus Blog, or watch the video.

$10,000 in Gold for Early AWX Stakers!

Pre-register to stake AWX to receive a bonus share of $10,000 in gold!

Stay tuned for regular updates in the official Aurus Telegram and Twitter channels.



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