The Importance of Social Networking

Student and social media enthusiast, Laura Currie, describes her strategy for enhancing your social network.

Living in an age where the ubiquity of technology has never been so prevalent, we begin to immerse ourselves into this virtual reality and become globally connected like never before. As a millennial, my social networking skills compromise of both online and offline connections that I believe are pivotal in shaping self-development, and our experiences in the work place and real life.

What is social networking you ask? Well, from what I have experienced, I believe that social networking can range from physically interacting with people to connecting with someone on LinkedIn. The ability to successfully interact with other individuals in reality and virtual platforms can create endless opportunities for yourself. As I have been using social media since the age of thirteen, I have begun to realise the importance of being able to connect with people online through channels such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn but also to be able to socialise with people in the real world.

Here are my top two tips on how you can enhance your social network:

  1. Build your social capital:

Successful businesswoman Margaret Heffernan describes social capital perfectly: “It’s a form of mutual reliance, dependency and trust. It hugely changes what people can do. This is more true now than ever. It’s impossible in modern organisations to know everything that you need to know. What you need are lots of people who know lots of different things. Collectively you’re smarter.”

To be able to create a social network through connecting with other people by talking to them seems so simple. The ability to strike a conversation with someone has never been so advantageous, and can be started by catching up with someone over coffee, taking a break with a co-worker, or even attend networking events of your interest. Connection is key, and by establishing positive connections with people in reality is where we find an opportunity to gain an internship or a job, and meet like-minded people. It’s as simple as that. We are now often immersed in online culture, and despite the importance of being online, we must not forget that offline connections are just as important.

2. Update your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. As a university student about to graduate, I have been updating my LinkedIn profile to make it attractive to future employers, or anyone who has similar interests as me. LinkedIn has allowed me to connect with people who are passionate about social media (as I am a social media enthusiast) and be able to generate connections with people I can benefit from. I have encountered real-life meetings with people I have met through LinkedIn, and have even been offered possible employment by a professional who is passionate about Marketing and Social Media — simply by following their company on LinkedIn. Here are a few tips to perfect your LinkedIn profile.

Laura Currie is an undergraduate student at the University of Sydney, and is a social media enthusiast. She’s addicted to her daily coffee, as seen through her instagram at @coffee_sydney and her blog. Laura aspires to one day open her own social media agency, and be able to travel and help make a positive impact on the world.

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