It’s been so long since I’ve ridden around, I just saw Rio Grande’s completed bike lanes!

The weather — as I mentioned previously — is finally beautiful. And so I’ve been riding…a lot. Yesterday, I headed over to Frankenbike and saw some sweet bikes and took the Rio Grande cycle track for the first time. It’s nice to finally have a good way through campus. As of my yesterday riding of it, the cycletrack was a very comfortable journey, though I wonder if others have had the same experience.

As always, Frankenbike had some unusual bicycles…
The Rio Grande Cycletrack

Oh, and then on my way to a ride on the Southern Walnut Creek Trail, I found myself taking 5th St. east to Shady, and wondered…is there a better way than using chip seal on roads meant to be repaved and restriped with big bike lanes? The loose gravel just makes it unpleasant…but I’m no road repaving expert so I have no idea. I just know I rode in the lane instead. :/

The car lanes are getting packed down nicely, but the bike lanes are just loose gravel at this point…

And then, on the return trip from Manor, I took Loyola, and that was sort of a mistake. It was uncomfortable at best, squeezing between traffic and some big stone barriers to cross 183. I imagine it’s gonna be that way for a while, so keep an eye out and choose your route carefully.

The Loyola / 183 crossing sorta sucks now.