I survived SF!

WOW! What a millennial thing to do… Write a Medium post about a tech internship in Silicon Valley. How original. But in all honesty, my summer was amazing and I feel like it’s an incredible disservice to not share my experiences with you. So here we go! Hold on.

First, work!

North America Beekeeper team taking a look around while camping. ⛺️

By work. I mean the place and things I got to do and fell in love with. I had the privilege to be surrounded by amazing individuals that loved what they did and worked endlessly to make sure the team and organization was always moving forward. The crazy part was that when I was getting ready to leave the team was also getting ready to split and multiply again. We had our CEO heading back to the Switzerland office, two rock stars heading back to Texas and another intern heading back to school! Believe me, the office was busy and full most of my last couple weeks there with a full team in SF.

Next, SF!

Only part of beautiful SF from Twin Peaks. 👀

I traveled to a city in northern California and fell in love. Not with a person in the city, but the city itself. From the amazing organizations that call SF home to the beautiful weather, I fell in love. One of my favorite things to do in San Francisco was to visit each of the neighborhoods. They each had their own flair and distinct character, much like the individuals that call SF home. From the Financial District, where my company called home, to SOMA, where I actually called home, these neighborhoods spewed life and gave a perfect place to visit no matter what mood you were in.

Don’t forget the People, oh the people!

As Dr. Seuss would say, “You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…” never has this been more real than when I was in San Francisco. I was able to meet and build relationships with so many amazing individuals; from my roommates to the entire network of interns running around SF, to the wonderful people full-time individuals that make SF home each one had an amazing story and I can’t wait to reconnect with each one. I had the pleasure to connect and build relationships (some call this networking) with so many individuals I met at the many events I was always trying to attend. Take a guess at how many events I went too… Drumroll, please!


That’s right I went to 62 events in under 50 days I was there. FYI… that is a LOT of PIZZA! 🍕🍴 (Don’t worry mom I ate healthy most times!)

But those 62 events weren’t all the same, believe me, but man they brought tons of amazing, talented, fun-loving, and inspiring individuals together.

If you were one of the many people I met during my summer in SF, thank you for making it one of the most fun and eye-opening experiences I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to meet up with each of you again.


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If you are a picture person, head over to my blog post on my main site to see some pictures from my experiences. (Sorry @Medium … I have a love/hate relationship w/ the way you format pictures.)

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Talk again real soon! 👋


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