Inside Kalanick’s Head

Neither Uber CEO Travis Kalanick nor his company are mentioned in this Buzzfeed article, but those were the associations I made upon reading given that Uber is the driving force behind the Ridesharing Works for Austin PAC seeking to change Austin’s regulatory environment by bypassing the city’s elected representatives, taking advantage of Texas’ historic low voter turnout in May elections to maximize the PAC’s financial influence on the election’s outcome.

Welcome to 2016: where tech’s biggest leaders are no longer selling themselves as innovators, creative geniuses, or domineering tycoons, but as world leaders — statesmen shaping the course of human history. And it’s most visible during the big keynotes that today sound more like TED Talks than the product announcements and celebrations of code they began as.

In The Age Of Trump, Tech CEOs Cast Themselves As The New Statesmen

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