Early Access to Austin FC Membership for Austin Anthem Members

The line forms behind the bird.

Tony Cardone
Jun 4, 2019 · 6 min read

By now, you know the big news: you’ll be able to reserve your Austin FC membership beginning on Wednesday, June 12th, at 10am McKalla Standard Time.

We’ve got some big news of our own: Austin Anthem members will have a one hour head start on the supporters section queue, meaning Anthem members will be able to get the first shot at Austin FC tickets — ever.

This early access applies to paid members of Austin Anthem as of 11:59pm on Monday, June 10th.

Both Casual and Supporter membership tiers are considered “paid” tiers, the free Fan membership is not eligible.

Austin Anthem Early Access Q&A

What do I really need to know?

Wednesday, June 12th is when Austin FC will open up a reservation system for memberships.

Austin Anthem members will be able to make their reservation one hour before anyone else. You must use the same email address you made your paid Austin Anthem membership with at that time. We will send out an email to that email address before the reservation opens with more info.

Austin Anthem Casual and Supporter members will be able to make their reservation beginning at 9am for the supporters section at McKalla. The general public will be able to make their reservation beginning at 10am, at which time general and premium seating will also open up.

What’s an Austin FC membership?

The Austin FC membership is your matchday ticket package. Some teams call them Season Tickets, but we’ll get Austin FC Season Ticket Memberships.

This queue that you can join on June 12th is not a ticket. It’s your reservation in line to purchase this membership when they arrive.

It’s a fully-refundable $50 deposit that will go towards the purchase of your tickets when the time comes. This is the deposit rate for the supporters section or general seating sections in the stadium.

Premium sections will have a $100 deposit.

Is this not the same thing as an Austin Anthem membership?

Nope. Austin FC and Austin Anthem are two entirely separate entities. Austin Anthem is an independent supporters group. We’re mostly purple with the grackle. They’re bright verde and sport the tree.

Our membership consists of three tiers. Two are paid, and, depending on your membership tier, comes with a member pin, car magnet, stickers, and/or a member scarf. Members in the two paid tiers are eligible to participate in this early access period.

In addition to the swag in your merch kit, your Austin Anthem membership fees go towards growing the legend that is Austin FC — be that through events, stickers, tifos, and much more. We’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and all org team members are volunteers.

Am I eligible?

For all members that purchased their membership prior to June 2nd, we will send an email to you confirming this. This may not be the same email you use to receive your newsletter.

If you purchase or upgrade a membership before 11:59pm on Monday, June 10th, you’ll also be eligible. Use the email you used on our store to purchase the membership.

In both cases, this is the email you used on the store to purchase the membership, which may not be the one you registered with on the website. This is because our store is separate from our membership database at this time — but it’s something Anthem Digital will be working on in the coming months.

I didn’t get an email yet!

We’re excited that you’re excited. Check the following list to make sure you’re all lined up:

  • Are you an Austin Anthem Casual or Supporter member?
    If you didn’t get stickers mailed to you, you’re probably part of the Fan membership tier and need an upgrade to the Casual or Supporter membership tier.
  • Is it after Wednesday, June 5th?
    We’re working as fast as we can to ensure all our information is up-to-date, while keeping our day jobs, so the email confirmation may not be sent to all eligible members until the end of the day on June 5th.
  • Did you check your spam folder?
    Our feelings might be hurt if you’re not getting all our emails, but this one is extra special. So be sure to check your Spam or All Mail folder to ensure it didn’t get trapped by a bad machine.
  • Did you join after June 2nd, 2019?
    If so, we didn’t send you an confirmation email, since you’re a freshly minted member. The email address you used for your Membership purchase will be passed on to the club for early access.

If you’ve triple checked you’ve met all the above criteria, have you tried turning your computer off and on again? If even that fails, contact us. The email is .

How are you able to do this?

We’ve been working for MLS in Austin for years, and as part of the process, we’ve been able to rally our community behind the cause of soccer. As a little thank you, we’ve been given this opportunity by the Austin FC front office — with the expectation that we will pack our supporter section on Matchday 1 with this community.

How much will Austin FC memberships cost?

Austin FC membership costs are to be determined by the club at a later time. However, the club has said that 75% of tickets will be less than or equal to $48 per match. Supporters section tickets are traditionally among the lower priced sections at the stadium.

The deposit you place on June 12th will be fully refundable, and this deposit will go towards the membership cost.

Why would I want to be early in the queue?

Simple — when the seat selections begin in a few months, those who reserved their spot first will get first dibs at the seats as sections become unlocked. You wouldn’t want to miss out on supporters section tickets because it fills up before your number is called.

Everyone who issues a deposit by August 27th will be eligible to join “The 27,” which is a club-created group of the first 27 folks who will get to select their seats. This will be drawn randomly, and is not based on the order you get into the queue on June 12th.

What if I want more than one membership/seat?

Sweet. Bring the whole party, pal. One deposit ($50 or $100) will get you up to eight memberships. Your Austin Anthem early access is only valid for one $50 deposit, so if you need more than eight, you’re the coolest, but you’ll need to place that second deposit at 10am with the general public.

I have questions about how the Austin FC membership thing works.

We’re only able to answer questions related to the Austin Anthem early access component. The club will be able to answer your questions regarding the membership: check out their FAQ and get in contact with them.

I have other questions about the Austin Anthem Early Access arrangement or Austin Anthem membership.

Email us — , or contact us via any of our social media platforms.

Austin Anthem is the independent supporters group for Austin FC, the Major League Soccer club of Austin, Texas.

For more information, visit us online at

Happy Pride Y’all!

Austin Anthem

The Official Soccer Supporters Group of Austin FC

Tony Cardone

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Director of Social, Newsletters, and Web at Austin Anthem

Austin Anthem

The Official Soccer Supporters Group of Austin FC

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