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Give back. Receive Anthem limited edition sticker. Pretty simple.

Tony Cardone
Mar 19 · 4 min read

Austin Anthem has been very lucky. Since our inception, we’ve been fortunate to work with great partners, including some of the best restaurants and breweries in the Austin area. Beer has been drank, remarkably delicious chips and queso shared, and many a match has been projected onto screens all across the Capital Area.

However, this week, many of our partners and friends got some of the unluckiest — and heartbreaking — news they’ll ever have to face: the forced closure of their dining rooms in the face of the coronavirus.

Fortunately, many of them are able to offer alternative options to keep things moving for the next several weeks, be it via to-go options, delivery, or online ordering. And we think the Anthem family is ready to help.

So we’re going to do a small part to help them out. Together, for our city. Let’s call it an Anthem Community Assist.

We’ve created a list of establishments that have been our partners the last few years.

If you go out and safely support them via to-go, delivery, or online ordering during these unique times, we’ll send you a holographic sticker, at no charge to your house. Some will be Classic Anthem ones and some will be super limited and have the Austin Together tagline. Either way, this is the first time we’ve released these.

Plus, you’ll get to take home some great beer, food, and/or contributed to a worthy cause to help folks right here in Austin.

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Purchase something from any brewery or restaurant on our list, or make a donation to one of the listed charities.
  2. Share it on social. Tag the business (and AustinAnthem, using the #AustinTogether hashtag if you’re feeling generous) so your friends know.
  3. Submit for your sticker using our Google Form. We’ll connect your name and email with your mailing address connected to your (free or paid) Austin Anthem account (see below).
  4. That’s it. We’ll do the rest.

Be sure to do all this safely and in a way that makes you comfortable. We believe all the establishments listed on the page are offering incredibly safe ways to support them, either via online purchase, delivery, or no-contact to-go options. When you post it to social, be sure to remove any personal information ’cause nobody needs more junk mail.

Quick Q&A

Do I need to post it on social or can I just share it with you?
We think your good deeds will be more valuable when you encourage your friends and neighbors to go support too, but if you’re not comfortable with that (or don’t have a social account), just shoot over your Good Deed to, fill out the form, and we’ll mark it off. You can tell your friends however you want.

What’s my Austin Anthem account? Why do I need an Austin Anthem account?
Your Austin Anthem account is your online membership manager. When you register for a free or paid membership, you got one. Links for logging in, as well as joining up are available here:
Two reasons. One, we don’t want you submitting personal information over Google Forms. We have the results page locked down, but it’s inherently safer that way. Two, we’re a non-profit org and we want you to be a member. Austin soccer wants you to be part of it.

Who is eligible for this free sticker?
All Austin Anthem members are eligible. One sticker per member, and limits per household will apply if people start ruining a good thing. We’ll send stuff internationally too, if the United States Postal Service can get it there.

How long will this last?
As long as we’re able to do so, until the City of Austin lifts its dining room closure mandate. Anything since March 13th is eligible.

What do I need to purchase?
Anything. Merch, food, gift certificate, donations. We’re not picky, and we don’t think our friends do either at this time. If you’re unable to make a financial contribution at this time, do something great for our community and let us know too.

Do they need to be from an establishment on the list?
At this point, yes. We’ll expand the program at a later date if we think it will help out.

Can I support from New Braunfels? What about elsewhere?
Yes, absolutely. We have a few restaurants and breweries listed on the page that are in New Braunfels for you to contribute to. Those of y’all further flung that want to help your local area are encouraged to do so — we’ll send you a sticker if you contribute to a 501(c)(3) in your area.

Austin Anthem is the independent supporters group for Austin FC, the Major League Soccer club of Austin, Texas.

For more information, visit us online at

Austin Anthem

The Official Soccer Supporters Group of Austin FC

Tony Cardone

Written by

Director of Social, Newsletters, and Web at Austin Anthem

Austin Anthem

The Official Soccer Supporters Group of Austin FC

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