Behind the scenes stories with Kristin Marcum, Austin FC’s new technical staff, Chicharito, and more

Jeremiah Bentley
Feb 3 · 2 min read

Austin Anthem Podcast Notes: Feb 4, 2020

Here’s a rundown of the February 4, 2020 episode of the Austin Anthem Podcast. You can subscribe to the podcast or listen directly through the media page on

Chicharito Signs With LA Galaxy
Javier Hernandez recently signed with the LA Galaxy. Media in Los Angeles and elsewhere discussed the impact of the decision. Michelle Sanchez also interviewed Grant Wahl on Austin’s Soccer Pod to get his perspective on breaking the story.

Nashville Stadium Drama
Nashville SC is set to begin MLS play in 2020. The league and ownership group expressed their disappointment in progress on a new stadium, while Nashville’s mayor responded in kind. Nashville Scene has a good overview of how we got here.

Academy Technical Director
Austin FC made two hires this week. The first is Dr. Juan Delgado as the academy director. Dr. Delgado has an impressive resume.

New Chief Scout
Austin FC also hired Manuel Junco, formerly of both Liverpool FC and Columbus Crew, as its new chief scout. Junco will continue to operate out of Europe.

Claudio Reyna on Soccer Matters
Austin FC Sporting Director Claudio Reyna took time to speak with Glenn Davis on the Soccer Matters show and shared a number of interesting tidbits.

Kristin Marcum Interview
Jeremiah interviewed Kristin Marcum, president of Elizabeth Christian Public Relations. The firm was involved with the move to bring MLS to Austin from the beginning and she shared several behind the scenes stories about the effort, including an anecdote about this photo with Matthew McConaughey.

Zanate Musical Collective
Zanate Musical Collective has been front and center at several recent events. Anyone interested in joining can fill out this quick form or email, regardless of their musical skill level. Even if you have no musical talent, you can keep up with ZMC on Twitter and Instagram.

Painting With a Twist
Anyone interested in painting their very own grackle image, or just having a couple cocktails with friends while watching people paint is invited to join us at Painting With a Twist on February 16 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $38 and include a 16 x 20 canvas to paint and all the related supplies.

Housekeeping Notes
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