January 7, 2020 Podcast Notes

Interviews with Head Grackle Josh Babetski & Zanate Musical Collective Leadership, Landon & Jeremiah discuss the latest Austin FC news and more

Jeremiah Bentley
Jan 7 · 2 min read

Here’s a rundown of the January 7, 2020 episode of the Austin Anthem Podcast, which is now available on The Yakk. You can subscribe to the podcast or listen directly through the media page on AustinAnthem.org.

We hope you find these notes and links a useful companion to the podcast.

Should Austin FC Consider a Defensive DP?
On the Jan 3 episode of Total Soccer Show, the guys discussed the possibility of an MLS team signing a defender as a Designated Player. We talk about our interest in Austin FC making such a signing.

Stadium Seating Talk
Cap City Soccer recently posted a “leaked” McKalla Stadium layout on Twitter. We discuss the similarities to Banc of California Stadium.

Austin FC Partners With Levy Hospitality
In a story that was more interesting than one might think, Austin FC officially announced Levy Hospitality as the stadium concession partner. Levy notes that “culinary ambassadors” will be used to identify local food & beverage options for the stadium.

Zanate Musical Collective
Landon interviews Rigo & Mateo from Zanate Musical Collective. The interview includes reflections on 2019, plans for 2020 and ways to connect with ZMC on Twitter and Instagram. Anyone interested in joining can fill out this quick form or email murga@austinanthem.org, regardless of their musical skill level.

Josh Babetski Interview
Landon also interviews Head Zanate Josh Babetski, who reflects on the organization’s successes in 2019. This interview took place just before our second annual New Years Day livestream.

2019 Highlights
Landon and Jeremiah each cover their highlights of 2019. Jeremiah discusses the amazing response to the Women’s World Cup events we planned. Landon talks about the personal connections he’s made as part of Austin Anthem.

Housekeeping Notes
- 2020 Membership Kits and Merch are on sale at the online store.
- Austin FC supporters can join the discussion in our Facebook group and the Austin FC reddit.
- Remember to leave us a review and subscribe to the show via your favorite podcasting app.

Austin Anthem

The Official Soccer Supporters Group of Austin FC

Jeremiah Bentley

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Austin Anthem

The Official Soccer Supporters Group of Austin FC

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