Podcast 55: Thankful for the Austin FC Jersey and Crazy MLS Play-Offs

Austin Anthem
Nov 25, 2020 · 3 min read

Show notes from the Austin Anthem Podcast, the longest-running soccer podcast in Central Texas and your number one source for Austin FC, Austin Soccer Supporter, and Austin Community news.

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Podcast Notes: Episode 55. November 25, 2020.

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The new Austin FC Jersey is the big story. We talk to fans and each other about the club’s first kit. We also cover Austin Anthem’s tour of the stadium and MLS Play-offs, which get a comparison to the game Among Us.

Austin FC Updates

  • Austin FC kit launch
  • Chris Bils from the Statesman reported, “<Austin FC> broke a 24-hour sales record for an inaugural jersey launch on MLSStore.com…and by a wide margin” — Doesn’t include Verde Van or Yeti store sales
  • Mark Turner interviews supporters from the Verde Van on launch day
  • Austin Anthem got to design the jock-tag on the kit.

Austin Anthem Updates

Major League Soccer Updates

  • Everything be craaaazy!
  • Recap of the matches so far

NWSL and Women’s Soccer Updates

  • Juventus and Lyon will go up against one another
  • Ajax will go up against Bayern Munich
  • Sparta Prague will play Glasgow City
  • Chelsea face off against Benfica
  • Recaps of European Leagues standings


  • Anthem merchandise is available on our online store. Free shipping of fantastic gear for in the stands or around Austin. Merch money goes to fund our non-profit’s operation.
  • To close out the show this week, we are playing a song with soccer connections and a bit of UK flavor. Tom Wardle is an artist originally from Nottingham, England, and now resides in Brooklyn, New York. The song is called “Secret”, and was recorded by Tom along with members of the Brian Wilson band of Beach Boys fame. The song was embraced by Nottingham Forest F.C., and was used as the soundtrack to a campaign which became very popular with their fan base. While Tom is a true international performer, he loves the Austin music scene and would love to play more in our neck of the woods. You can hear more of Tom’s work at http://www.tomwardlemusic.com .
  • If you’d like to send us music to use in the pod or know some musicians who might be interested, drop us an email at podcast@austinanthem.org. We’d love to showcase more Austin music and musicians to Austin soccer fans.
  • This episode was hosted by Matt Barbour, Conor Heffernan, and Mark Turner.
  • Remember to leave us a review and subscribe to the show. It helps other Austin soccer fans find what you’ve already listened to.

Thanks for supporting your local soccer podcast. Wear a mask. Stay safe.

Austin Anthem is the independent supporters group for Austin FC, the Major League Soccer club of Austin, Texas.

Austin Anthem

The Official Soccer Supporters Group of Austin FC

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