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Podcast: Ceci Needed a Hattie

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Episode 88: Matt and Robert discuss upcoming watch parties and a week off the podcast. We go over the matches against Colorado and Salt Lake. We also touch on some world soccer news and the recent NWSL news. Music by Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Anthem Updates / Upcoming Events

  • Thursday Oct 7th — Circle Brewing — USA v Jamaica — Joint Watch Party with Barra 76–6:30 PM Kick Off
  • Wednesday Oct 20th — Austin Eastciders Collaboratory — 9:30 PM Kick Off
  • Sunday Oct 24th — Circle Brewing v Houston 3 PM Kick Off
  • Podcast Off next week for Intl Break

Austin FC Updates

  • Much of the same v Colorado
  • RSL Win

World Soccer Updates

  • USMNT v Jamaica WCQ discussion

NWSL Updates


  • Recap of Anthem Host Prediction Table — Matt 38 Pts, Robert 35 Pts, Conor 33 Pts, Mark 24 Pts
  • 3 Matches — USMNT v Jamaica, El Paso v San Antonio, Man U v Man City


  • Austin Anthem is a Supporters Group for Austin FC. Catch-up with us on social media and become a member at
  • This episode was hosted by Robert Avery @rlavery161 and Matt Barbour @matt_barbour
  • Anthem merchandise is available on our online store. Free shipping on all fantastic grackle gear and your purchase goes to fund our non-profit’s operation.
  • We close out today’s episode with the band called “Letting Up Despite Great Faults”. While the band’s name is a mouthful, they will give you an earful of some of the most awesome indie pop produced in the last decade. Originally from L.A., Austin can now proudly claim the band as a local favorite. They have been recognized nationally by Rolling Stone magazine and numerous other media outlets, and their music has been featured on the TV show 90210 a few years back. You can find out more on Instagram @lettingup or their website The song is titled “Gemini”, and we hope you enjoy it
  • If you’d like to send us music to use in the pod or send us tips on how to make the show better drop us an email at Remember to leave us a review and subscribe to the show

Austin Anthem is an independent supporters group for Austin FC, the Major League Soccer club of Austin, Texas.



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