Podcast: Four Scores and One Win Ago

Robert Avery
Jul 6 · 2 min read

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Robert, Conor and Matt talk about our first goals and win in The Tree House, an upcoming transfer for Austin FC, Euro 2020 Semis and more predictions. Mark Turner joins us from Jolly England. Music by The Bright Light Social Hour

Anthem Updates / Upcoming Events

Austin FC Updates

World Soccer Updates

  • Italy v Spain and England v Denmark — Euro 2020 Semis set
  • Copa America semis! Brazil v Peru and Argentina v Colombia


  • Recap of Anthem Host Prediction Table — Matt 25 Pts, Conor 22 Pts, Robert 21 Pts, Mark 12 Pts
  • Cincinnati v Columbus, FC Tulsa v Louisville City, Athletico Paranaense v RB Bragantino


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  • We close out today’s pod with an early hit by an incredibly popular and influential local band: The Bright Light Social Hour. The song “Back and Forth” is one of their earlier hits and is a perfect soccer match soundtrack as players zip back and forth on the pitch. Be sure to check out the band on the socials @tblsh as well as all music platforms. Enjoy!
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  • This episode was hosted by Robert Avery @rlavery161, Matt Barbour @matt_barbour and Conor Heffernan @ConorJHeffernan with Mark Turner @LWOSMarkTurner
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