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Podcast: It Hurts So Bad

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Episode 85: Matt and Robert go it alone this week. We cover the match in Houston. We preview the matches against LAFC and San Jose. We also cover some world soccer news and make some predictions. Music by Urban Heat

Anthem Updates / Upcoming Events

  • Sept 15th — Circle Brewing v LAFC
  • Sept 18th — Circle Brewing v San Jose
  • USA Grackle Shirt and Scarf on sale $17 each

Austin FC Updates

  • Houston Recap
  • LAFC and San Jose Preview
  • Wolff expects Djitté “will start one of the next two matches”
  • Owen Wolff first ever Homegrown player

World Soccer Updates

  • Ronaldo brace in first match back at MUFC
  • USMNT Jordan Pefok scores winner for Young Boys v Man United


  • Recap of Anthem Host Prediction Table — Matt 33 Pts, Conor 27 Pts, Robert 26 Pts, Mark 17 Pts
  • 3 Matches — Real Madrid v Inter, Liverpool v AC Milan, Tottenham v Chelsea


  • Austin Anthem is a Supporters Group for Austin FC. Catch-up with us online or on social media and become a member at
  • Anthem merchandise is available on our online store. Free shipping of fantastic grackle gear for in the stands or around Austin. Merch money goes to fund our non-profit’s operation.
  • We close out today’s pod with a talented local band called Urban Heat who brings a unique sound infused with punk, new wave, and synth pop. You can find out more at or on Instagram @urbanheatband. The track is called Simple Love Song, and we hope you enjoy it.
  • If you’d like to send us music to use in the pod or know some musicians who might be interested, drop us an email at We’d love to showcase more Austin music and musicians to Austin soccer fans.
  • This episode was hosted by Robert Avery @rlavery161 and Matt Barbour @matt_barbour

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Austin Anthem is an independent supporters group for Austin FC, the Major League Soccer club of Austin, Texas.



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