Podcast: It is Indeed Not Coming Home

Robert Avery
Jul 13 · 2 min read

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Matt and Robert go over the poor outing vs LAFC, Watch Party Updates, and some world soccer news. You get more predictions and we get a week off next week. Music by Primo the Alien.

Anthem Updates / Upcoming Events

  • Home Watch Parties at Circle Brewing — July 13th v Tigres and July 22nd v Seattle
  • Podcast off next week — Next Episode the week of July 26th
  • Check Newsletter and Slack for links to buy tickets to the August 7th v FC Frisco. Bus info coming soon

Austin FC Updates

  • LAFC Recap
  • Conor’s Game Notes
  • Why play a meaningless game mid season?

World Soccer Updates

  • Copa America Final
  • Euro 2020 Final


  • Recap of Anthem Host Prediction Table — Matt 25 Pts, Conor 23 Pts, Robert 21 Pts, Mark 15 Pts
  • 3 Matches — Toronto FC v Orlando, Derby County v Man Utd, Japan WNT v Australia WNT


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  • Anthem merchandise is available on our online store. Free shipping of fantastic grackle gear for in the stands or around Austin. Merch money goes to fund our non-profit’s operation.
  • We close out today’s pod with an outstanding local pop star in the making called Primo the Alien. Primo offers a fun and infectious retro sound that is guaranteed to elicit a smile from even the most crusty of curmudgeons; even Larry David would likely proclaim it as “pretty, pretty good”. You can learn more about Primo on Instagram @primoalien or Twitter @primothealien. The song is called “Do it Again”, and we hope you enjoy it.
  • If you’d like to send us music to use in the pod or know some musicians who might be. interested, drop us an email at podcast@austinanthem.org. We’d love to showcase more Austin music and musicians to Austin soccer fans.
  • This episode was hosted by Robert Avery @rlavery161 and Matt Barbour @matt_barbour

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