Statement on the Stadium Opposition Petition

A statement from our organization on the petition filed with the City of Austin in opposition to the MLS stadium that will be built at McKalla Place for Austin FC.

Austin Anthem does not believe that this petition will have an impact on McKalla Stadium, with an agreement between the City and PSV already in place. This agreement was entered into by a clear majority of city council, based upon significant input from the community in favor of the agreement. Despite various entities trying to make the stadium vote a political issue, the Mayor, along with the Council Members who voted in favor of the deal were clear winners during the last election. This further demonstrates broad community support for the MLS team.

We do remain concerned that an anonymous “group” of 10 people with connections to IndyAustin and Epstein’s “Fair Play Austin” PAC continue to be part of the public conversation. It’s the same recycled collection NIMBYs under another name, trying once again to remain relevant after being clearly rebuffed by the people of Austin in the November election. Austin’s shrewdly negotiated stadium deal has become this positive catalyst for moving progress and discussion forward on a number of Austin issues such as affordable housing, public transportation, experiences shared by all of Austin’s demographic groups, and having city amenities to fit for our size and growth. On the other hand, we have COTA-related, anti-soccer protectionist actions, combined with those willing to use deceitful and anti-semitic messaging — all trying to hide behind a faceless group that wants to disrupt progress without any accountability. This should have no place in our city.

Despite this petition having no influence regarding McKalla, it could threaten future development and growth from the University of Texas, and others looking to bring entertainment and sports venues to our city. It could hinder the efforts of our duly-elected Council, whose job is to represent the best interests of the City. We are very disappointed that this small group continues to push this fruitless issue, rather than taking positive steps toward helping make Austin the best it can be.

Austin Anthem is the independent supporters group for Austin FC, the future Major League Soccer club of Austin, Texas.

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