Blockchain @ SXSW 2020

Pete Harris
Jan 13 · 4 min read

Compared to 2019 when there was a dedicated blockchain and crypto track and 2018 when the blockchain buzzword was in full hype mode, there are fewer blockchain-related sessions at SXSW in 2020.

But while there might not be quantity, there is a lot of quality deliberately spread across a number of tracks. Here’s a list of sessions that I know about … and it will be updated to add additional official sessions and satellite meetups, parties, popups, etc. so bookmark this post and check back.

March 13 — Sustainable Fashion: Building a Conscious Wardrobe

March 14 — Phuck Google and Facebook

A session including Phunware’s Randall Crowder and blockchain celeb Blythe Masters. Originally this was to include the somewhat infamous Brittany Kaiser but she’s doing a different session now.

March 15 — Into the Future with Jack Dorsey and Dan Primack

Maybe Jack will talk about the Blue Sky project to build a decentralized twitter?

March 15 — SXSW Pitch-Blockchain Technology

March 16 — Can the Telecoms Industry Be Disrupted?

March 16 — Cryptocurrency Miners Anonymous Meet Up

March 16 — Elect Tech 2020

March 17 — Blockchains Breaking Tentpoles

March 17 — Meet the Money Hackers

A panel with new Phunware board member and blockchain celeb Blythe Masters.

March 17 — Emerging Tech & Law Meetup

Given that one of the hosts in Bryan Mennell from Verimos, expect blockchain and crypto to be part of the (informal, off-record, fun) conversation.

March 17 — Invite-Only Roundtable on Web 3.0

This informal lunchtime roundtable convened by the Austin Blockchain Collective and Capital Factory will be an opportunity to talk about Web 3.0 with innovators from both Austin and out-of-town visitors. Space is limited. Email for an invite.

March 17 — The next wave of decentralized innovation: Web 3.0, Polkadot and Substrate

This event — featuring Parity Technologies CEO Jutta Steiner — is at UT and open to all and free to attend. But you must register. Space is limited and paper/online tickets should be brought along.

March 18 — Less Trust, More Truth: The Web 3.0 Thesis

A SXSW ‘Featured Session’ with a presentation by Gavin Wood, Founder and Lead Developer of Parity Technologies and Founder/President of the Web3 Foundation. Gavin also coined the Web 3.0 term in 2014 and was a Co-Founder and CTO of Ethereum.

Gavin’s presence at SXSW is a result of a unique collaboration between the Austin Blockchain Collective, SXSW and the Web3 Foundation.

March 18 — Digital Art Can Save the Art Market

March 19 — Cryptoassets: Venturing into the Unknown

A panel featuring Austin’s Multicoin Capital’s Kyle Samani.

March 20 — How to Launch & Grow Next Gen Blockchain Networks

A panel led by Kilroy Blockchain’s Karen Kilroy with participants from IBM and Oracle. And also yours truly, so it will clearly be awesome :)

March 20 — The Future of the Supply Chain in Music

Is there a blockchain/crypto session or event missing from the list — even if it’s an unofficial (open) gathering, meetup, pop up or party? Please let me know.

The Collective can offer discounts on SXSW Interactive and Platinum badges to representatives of its members. Be in touch for details.

See you all in March!


This is the official blog of the Austin Blockchain Collective, which advocates for, showcases and nurtures the blockchain, Web 3.0 and crypto innovation that is exploding in Austin, TX. More at

Pete Harris

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Business Strategy for Transformational Technologies, like Blockchain and Web 3.0. Go To Market, Thought Leadership, Events, Community. Based in Austin, TX.


This is the official blog of the Austin Blockchain Collective, which advocates for, showcases and nurtures the blockchain, Web 3.0 and crypto innovation that is exploding in Austin, TX. More at

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