Hard Knocks: Winston’s Chance

It was announced today that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be the team featured by HBO’s Hard Knocks. For a young Quarterback who has made headlines for many of the wrong reasons, Jameis Winston has a chance at changing the narrative.

Winston, the 2013 Hesiman Trophy Winner, has been a polarizing figure when it comes to his off-field issues. Of course the first “controversy” that comes to mind is the infamous “Crab and Dash,” where Winston was accused of stealing Crab Legs from Publix. More recently, Winston got himself into hot water during a speech to an elementary school by “promoting gender stereotypes.”

While both of these instances were explained away, Winston has, what could be one of the best opportunities to showcase who he really is. Many describe him as extremely smart when it comes to the game of football, but for most of us, we never get to see that side.

Players like J.J. Watt have used Hard Knocks to elevate their personal brand. I truly hope that Jameis takes this opportunity to show that he is more than what a couple of instances make us think about him. I have been very critical of him and the viability of his career as a franchise Quarterback, but if done properly, Winston has a chance to redefine public perception and gain back some respect from football fans around the country.