The Neato XV Lidar

I just got the Neato XV-11 Lidar.

Plugging the motor into 3 volts, it spins. Plugging the serial pins into the Raspberry Pi serial pins, and connecting to /dev/serial0 on the Pi, we are greeted with this happy little message:

Piccolo Laser Distance Scanner
Copyright (c) 2009-2011 Neato Robotics, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Loader V2.5.15295
CPU F2802x/c001
Serial WTD10713AA-0240567
LastCal [5371726C]
Runtime V2.6.15295


Running XV-test results in a scan showing up on screen, but it seems too slow, even on the Pi 3, to be of any use. It seems to be spinning not even once a second on screen, but the lidar is spinning many times per second on the table.

Running XV-main fails with a Matplotlib error.

Next up, trying Visual Test, BreezySLAM, and Google Cartographer.