How to get cash-back on booking travel

In this guide we take a look at CashRewards, and how you can save money using their online shopping portal.

What Is CashRewards?

Cashrewards is popular Australian shopping portal, featuring 1000+ leading retail partners. In a nutshell, you can sign up for a free account and earn a variable percentage of ‘cashback’ from partner purchases. This is real cash, paid back into your bank account after an approved purchase.

The site is essentially a giant affiliate network, except the unique diffeence of Cashrewards is consumers now benefit in a share of the commission profits, aka: the ‘cashback’ incentive.

This is a great way to earn money back from everyday purchases, especially travel.

TIP: Keep an eye out for BONUS % offers

How To Save With Travel:

There are hundreds of travel partners to arbitrage for your next trip booking, including a handful of airlines: Virgin, Etihad, Emirates, Qatar, Malaysia, Latam.

Some of our favourites:

  • Accor Hotels (up to 4.2%*)
  • Expedia (up to 5.5%*)
  • (4.8%*)
  • Virgin Australia (up to 3% on international*)
  • Hilton Hotels (up to 2.5%*)
  • Emirates (1%*)
  • Etihad (1.4%*)

*Cashback % offers may have changed since this article was posted.

Every so often CashRewards will run ‘Bonus Offers’ on selected partners. These can be great to cash-in big returns. For example, Virgin Australia recently ran a cashback of 4.5% on international flights.

Cashback Bonuses can get pretty wild!

Keep an eye out on their travel offers by subscribing to their email newsletter from your account settings.

Sign Up For Cash Rewards Here

Tips & Terms:

  • Careful of double dipping with third party coupon codes, these can void your cashback.
  • If you cancel a hotel/flight booking, your cashback will also be cancelled.
  • When using Cashback, ensure you pause or disable your browser ad blockers.
  • Funds can take some time to validate and be ready to withdrawl from your account. So be patient :-)

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