At Singapore Airport? Check into Plaza Premium Lounge

By Lachlan Nicolson

Feeling the sting of long travel? Commuting through Singapore soon? You might want to skip the crowded gate seats and upgrade yourself to the serenity of a private lounge.

If you are not part of an airline program that gives you lounge access, you’re still in luck. The Plaza Premium Network opened up a lounge here at Changi Terminal 1 as of last year, ready for your arrival…

I was generously provided a bloggers guest pass while in Singapore over the weekend. This made my wait prior to a late flight home a lot more pleasant. Here is my review and photos of the experience:

Fast Facts:

Location: Terminal 1
Access: All passengers, incl Priority Pass
Opening: 24 hours

Location & Access:

Plaza Premium is located at the far end of the Transit Hall of Terminal 1, which makes it perfect for Qantas, Emirates and Jetstar passengers. If you’re travelling from another terminal, such as T2 or T3 then expect to plan in some walking time + the 4 minute SkyTrain connection. Inside the lounge there is a digital Flight Board conveniently located near the entry so you easily can prepare your gate departure.

Priority Pass members, Airport Angel members and selected American Express cards have access to the lounge. If you are a regular traveller, however, and need an non airline affiliated lounge then this is your best choice. Entry for 5 hours is around US $40, which you will find provides good value once you’ve experienced the lounge. Keep an eye out for specials and offers on their website.

When inside the lounge you have free reign to relax in the amenities, except for the private rooms and showers. To book those services you will be required to pay an additional small fee. Alcoholic drinks at the bar are also charged for standard access guests, however there’s plenty of food and other beverages included in your entry fee.

Soft acoustics, low lighting and low traffic of guests… Perfect!

Lounging around:

This beautiful 7000 square feet lounge has over 140 comfortable seats, with a wide glass view of the T1 Changi runway. With each seat pair you will find a power adapter, lamp and and side table to relax or work at while catching the view of the arrivals and departures. As an AV geek I found this the perfect and priceless view to relax in. My personal highlight was to get up close with the A380 as it taxied to the runway right next to the lounge window.

If the open seating area doesn’t feel comfortable then you can opt to use one of the side table seats or the honeycomb seating areas. These hexagon shaped working areas are perfect for privacy and focus to get your work done. Each ‘honeycomb’ has it’s own power (including western ports) and USB chargers. At night time, the lighting is set to a dim.

“The soft ambience and peaceful atmosphere is a true gem in this busy and bustling airport hub.”

Over towards the dining section you can also find open group seating, where you and a few others can enjoy a comfortable couch around a dining table. This seating arrangement offers a great place to work with a colleague and still have space for a beverage or meal, while remaining semi-private from other guests.

Dining in:

The lounge has a great emphasis on food and drinks which are readily available. The main kitchen features a small buffet of local food to pick from, or you can talk to the Chef and order a hot menu item. Some of the dishes include; Singapore laksa, chicken rice, hot udin, ramen and all day breakfast.

“My favourite was the warm and soft home made cookies on offer.”

Along the side of the kitchen you can also grab a machine based coffee, tea or some snacks. Over at the bar you can order an espresso coffee (during the morning) or an alcoholic beverage.

Order yourself a late drink…

An open kitchen awaits your tastebuds…

My favourite was the warm and soft home made cookies on offer. The staff were extremely friendly and hospitable, walking around and serving the guests for food or drinks.

Connection is key:

Plaza Premium understands that connection to others online is vital for both work and play. Whether you want to FaceTime your family back home, or catch up on work emails, the complimentary Wifi access will keep you well connected. Caution; the wifi can get a little slow when you add extra devices to your personal access code. I recommend to make a choice between what device you really need connected.

Need something more intimate?

The VIP treatment:

If you are really looking for an escape from the Airport, then I suggest paying for the private room access, along with a shower access. Relax in your own private room, catch some sleep, or book in a private massage and nail care. The staff at the Wellness Spa will take good care of you, ensuring you are on time and feeling refreshed for your next flight.

Entry to the spa, rooms and wellness amenities

In summary, the Plaza Premium at Changi T1 is an great quality and well serviced lounge. The seating, atmosphere, food, staff and amenities have all been reverse engineered to meet the desires and needs of both business and leisure travellers of all personalities and agendas.

So, if you are looking for a good and affordable lounge where you don’t need a business class ticket or elite airline status to enter, then I highly recommend treating yourself to the Plaza Premium at Changi.

To note: The Plaza Premium Network has over 25 lounges worldwide. You can join for an all-access pass membership for a competitive annual fee price tag.

To learn more, check out their website here.

This is not a paid endorsement. Plaza Premium generously provide complimentary access for my friend when we visited the Lounge. Thanks!

By — Lachlan Nicolson. 
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