Qantas And Jetstar Bail Aussies Out Of Bali

Image: Sky News

Indonesian authorities raised flight warnings around Bali’s Mount Agung as the volcano’s eruptions this week sent another plume of volcanic ash and steam more than 6000 metres into the skies above the popular holiday island where thousands of Australian’s are stranded.

To the northeast of the island, roads, homes and cars were covered in ash as the activity of Mount Agung entered the magmatic eruption phrase.

Virgin Australia, along with serveral others airlines cancelled flights to Bali Denpasar Airport over the weekend causing a backload of passengers stranded until operations began on wednesday.

Jetstar and Qantas are now operating 16 flights on Friday (1st of December) to try and get as many Australians as possible out of Bali, where airline staff are attempting to clear a backlog of about 100,000 international visitors off the island.

Indonesian Authorities and Airport officials are monitoring the volcanic ash detected in the area.

Qantas says flights at this stage will remain open over the weekend, but could be subject to change at short notice.

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Peaceful Mount Agnung, before the erruption…

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