Taxify Arrives In Australia

Markus Villig — Founder of Taxify

A European ride-sharing company that has been taking on Uber is now setting up home in Australia this month. Taxify has begun operations in Sydney with 4000 drivers already signed up.

It’s no small feat to compete against the taxi industry AND Uber, but founder Markus Villig is confident his service will succeed, believing people would welcome another option to Uber.

One of Taxify’s unique selling proposition is they pledge to return greater profits back to drivers. Taxify will only take a 15 per cent commission, compared to Uber which takes 25 per cent.

In the first month of operation, Taxify will offer riders a 50 per cent fare discount. Not bad!

Melbourne is next to roll out before Christmas, and Brisbane is set to launch January 2018.

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