Do I REALLY need travel insurance?

We all have a friend — let’s call him Johnny, who skimps on insurance. He’s the guy in your circle that when you ask him “Bro, did you grab insurance” as you drop him off at the departures, he responds something like “Do I really need travel insurance?!” or “Nah bro! I’l wing it!…” We’ve all been there: you roll your eyes, say a little prayer and drive off laughing at his free-spirited ignorance.

…We can all relate to this example, whether it’s been us at one stage (I’m guilty here!) or someone close to us like poor Johnny. The reality of travel insurance, however, is no light weight question to be glossed over. Here’s why…

Each year, the Australian government handles over 20,000 cases involving Australians in difficulty overseas, including those requiring hospitalisation or evacuation. How good is our Government? But wait — don’t think for a second Bishop and the team are going to pay your medical expenses incurred overseas. Not even medicare can save you abroad, and that’s a fact.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the cost of medical evacuations from the USA commonly range from $75,000 to $95,000 and sometimes up to over $300,000.

In Asia, hospitalisation costs can exceed $800 AUD per day. Thinking of going to Bali? Medical evacuations there have exceeded $60,000. That’s some serious dough, enough to get a home deposit, and yet 30% of Aussies who travel still don’t think they need insurance (April 2016 study by SmartTraveller).

Imagine having to pay these bills out of your own pocket.

A Ski Trip in Japan without travel insurance could end up very costly if you had to have surgery!

We don’t like to think it will happen to us, but what if it did? Travelling abroad brings with it the uncertainty of safety and health, and it’s just a reality we must be prepared for.

That’s why travel insurance exists. It’s to give you peace of mind and confidence to travel bold.

And who doesn’t want peace of mind when travelling? But it’s more than just your health, a good insurance will cover you for theft, delays, cancellations and other unexpected problems than can arise overseas.

“If you can’t afford travel insurance… You can’t afford to travel!”

For example, a premium international plan with Covermore Australia can cover you for:

– Luggage & travel documents (for when you break your new iPhone taking a pointless selfie)
– Medical assets (for sickness, or surgery because you ‘thought’ you could ride a motorbike first go with no hassle)
– Travel delays (because no one ever in history has ever had a cancelled flight….)
– Rental car excess (driving overseas get real hairy)

Where should I get travel insurance?

At AusTraveller, our recommendation is Covermore. Simply because we’ve used them personally and they are well trusted and recommended by Aussies. 2.2 million travellers trust them each year! Not to mention they have 30 years of experience…

So, when you see Jonny next. Share this blog post with him and tell him to click here and book some insurance!

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