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Oct 3, 2017 · 2 min read

“Wait — this isn’t AusTraveller.com.au is it?”

Why yes it is. We’ve moved to the Medium platform!

In October 2017, AusTraveller said goodbye to the old-days of Wordpress and has moved into a new era of publishing content for our readers.

Lachlan Nicolson — Chief Editor

About AusTraveller

Founded by Lachlan Nicolson, AusTraveller is a travel news and insights blog and community. We cover what’s happening in travel, from airlines, to loyalty and the aviation industry at large.

Note: We’re gearing up for a big 2018 — If you’ve got a story or news to share, please reach out.

Email: lachy@austraveller.com.au
Connect With Lachy on Linkedin

History of AusTraveller

AusTraveller started in late 2014 as simple wordpress blog site. Soon after launching, the website grew to its first thousand active readers. The site continued to increase influence and offer more content, along with some notable guest bloggers, such as Sam Chui — the world’s most followed aviation blogger.

Why the switch to Medium?

Here’s a few reasons:

  • News and online content is changing. No one like’s cluttered and slow websites filled with tiny grid-like thumbnails, banner advertisements and complex navigations.
  • People want to consume content clearly, quickly and simply.
  • Email marketing is annoying, and we’re moving away from ‘subscribing’ to ‘following’
  • Web hosting is a cost $ and publishing via a web platform (even wordpress) takes time to format and launch correctly.

Most of the above is solved by switching to the Medium network.
How so? If you’re not familliar, Medium is a growing platform for writers and blogs to present their content in a simpler and better way. Medium incorporates the mobile-first philisophy of our generation + community features to follow and appreciate content.

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Travel News & Insights For Australians

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