Authbase: April 2018 Update

Hey there,

With the launch of Authpush, a new & simplified way to send notifications to our users, we’ve made adjustments to the Authbase platform that will be rolling out over the course of the next 24 hours.

  • You can now buy an Authpush App slot for 79p when you’ve run out of app slots. Your Authbase account comes with three app slots to create Authpush apps, and you can easily expand them with this new system that directly supports Authbase. We use Stripe in order to secure payments.
  • You can now add an image or set a sound to accompany your Authpush notification (iOS only).
  • You can now change your password from Settings.
  • We’ve rewritten the backend of Authbase to be more versatile. This will allow for longer uptimes than before. We’ve also switched to SendGrid for sending email after our email downtime discussed in this blog post.

We’re continuously working on making Authbase better and stronger, and with the new April 2018 update, we you’ll enjoy using our platform more thab ever.

William, Developer at Authbase